Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Balesin Island Club: Costa Del Sol (Photos)

Costa Del Sol is known as "Coast of the Sun". It's a region south of Spain, autonomous community of Andalusia.

Balesin Island Club brings the south of Spain to life with Costa del Sol village. A world-renowned tourist spot, the "Sun Coast”, was a series of quaint fishing villages. Regular habitu√©s like Englishman George Langworthy, and Italian Carlota Alessandri Tettamanzy, saw its potential as a luxurious vacation destination. Now, it is where tycoons, aristocrats and film stars come to play and relax. Experience easy southern Spanish charm in our Costa del Sol-inspired villas, and frolic on the beautiful white sand beach fronting them.

The entrance to the village as seen below reminds me of the movies which features Spain. It usually houses gangs and goons but here, it's just nice and peaceful. Costa Del Sol in Balesin is nearly finished and we were lucky because the day we were there is the day they will have the soft opening inaugural dinner.

Entrance to Costa Del Sol (on the right, security station still under construction)
Balesin map: Costa Del Sol village encircled in red
Neat looking clubhouse! Just like your own mansion!
Complete with spanish bayonet plants
The view from the clubhouse looking towards the gate makes you feel that you own it.
View from inside the clubhouse
Inside the clubhouse/ restaurant
Nice ambiance inside the restaurant
It even has a detailed elevator! Look at the elevator floor.
Even the stairs are nicely detailed.
Makes you feel at home
Basement of the Costa Del Sol clubhouse
Dining table
Detailed flooring
and detailed accents.
Everything screams "Spanish" design
A private room below the clubhouse
Nicely decorated
Veranda of Costa Del Sol
Low tide. Outside Costa Del Sol facing the sea.
Our inaugural dinner menu
Beautiful moon that night!
More info?

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