Sunday, May 26, 2013

Balesin Island Club: St. Tropez Village (Photos)

St. Tropez Village - Balesin Island (HDR photo)
St. Tropez (pronounced as "San tro-pey") is a provencal town east of Marseille of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of southeastern France. It's located on the French Riviera far away from the Philippines and you have your own St. Tropez village here inside Balesin island.

This is one of the best villages for me in the entire island. You really feel the vibe and forget you're in the Philippines. Very detailed and has yummy crepe! Some of the rooms have indoor jacuzzi and most rooms can only accommodate 2 pax unlike other villages. Nevertheless, this is one of the villages I want to try out on my next visit.

Saint Tropez remains the favorite destination of high society, lovers of the sea and heritage enthusiasts. Known as a playground for the rich and Hollywood elite, St.Tropez is surrounded by white sandy beaches and enjoys a gorgeous sunny climate. St. Tropez chic combined with our impeccable service makes a stay at this village truly unforgettable. Designed like a boutique hotel, our destination suites are inspired by the legendary Hotel Byblos. Delight in your own private French Riviera and enjoy an authentic experience at our crêperie. (source:

Ladies and gentlemen, St. Tropez.
Balesin map: St. Tropez village encircled in red
Entrance to St. Tropez village
St. Tropez village clubhouse

Detailed accents
Creperie @ St. Tropez
St. Tropez during low tide

To the St. Tropez inspired rooms
Colorful bedroom @ St. Tropez
View from the room
Detailed beams made by the skilled Ifugao tribe

Yellow color-themed room at St. Tropez, Balesin

Creperie menu @ St. Tropez

My crepe from the creperie
More info?

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