Monday, May 27, 2013

Balesin Island Club: Mykonos Village (Photos)

White-washed cube houses with blue accents. Mykonos and Santorini in Greece are both famous for cycladic cubic architecture and here in Balesin Island, they also have a Mykonos village complete with the winding streets and an awesome view of the bay.

A vision in white and blue, Mykonos is a stunning example of Cycladic cubic architecture set around a picturesque fishing bay. It is no surprise that this island ranks among the best known and most desirable vacation spots worldwide. The destination villas built in the Mykonos style of architecture, give you a taste of Greece, right here in the Philippines. Allow us to draw you in with white-washed houses, blue windows and doors, winding streets, a Greek café, a sea grotto and rock bar. Guests can enjoy watching the sunset as the sea runs beneath the bar’s deck. (source:

Balesin map: Mykonos village encircled in red
Entering Mykonos village in Balesin
On board our tour jeep
Village clubhouse
A Greek café 
By the sea grotto

White-washed cube houses
A villa in Mykonos
Inside the Mykonos villa
A CBTL coffee machine
Mykonos villa washroom
Going up the second level of the villa
2nd level of the villa
2nd level of the villa - with your own private jacuzzi
Your neighboring villa
View from the villa

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