Monday, July 22, 2013

Balesin Island Club: Balesin Spa and Sports Center

The Balesin Spa:
For those who wanted to experience wellness and relaxation, The Balesin Spa is your perfect destination especially when you need to rejuvenate after a stressful work-week. They actually have a wide array of services that will definitely meet your specific needs. 

Spa entrance

You can conclude what the theme color of the spa is - White

Sports Center:
They have a separate building that houses their sports activities within the island. Other than the billiards that are located in the Balesin clubhouse, you could also head to the sports center to burn those extra calories or just have fun with your family. Here are some of the activities that they offer in the indoor area:

By the entrance of sports center

Wood accents made by Ifugaos

Badminton - courts:free of charge,
racket: free of charge,
shuttlecock: old-free; new-with charge

Basketball court/Badminton court with wall-climbing by the far-end. 
Too bad we weren't able to try their wall climbing as one of their requirements were closed shoes and all of us only brought slippers with us. Maybe on our next visit we could do this activity. Wall climbing is safe as there will be a guide who will be helping you out on your climb.

Tennis Area by the far-end of the sports center
We weren't able to take a photo but there is a gym at the second floor of the sports center and it oversees these courts down below. What I loved about this place is the service that they offer to the guests as each one of us was given a towel each and glasses of water even though our badminton session was free of charge.

There are also outdoor activities that were available, too bad we weren't able to take photos but these activities include basketball courts, tennis court, golf, archery. You could also borrow mountain bikes so you could easily navigate your way to the different parts of the island without waiting for golf cars.

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