Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Destination: Balesin Island Club

It was a great opportunity for us to join our family's summer trip this year. It is indeed a good way to end May as we went to one of the best and newest destination here in the Philippines - Balesin.  This is indeed one of the best developments made by Alphaland and is exclusively built for shareholders for them to be able to enjoy spending summer that's just 25 minutes away from the metro. Located in Quezon province, the only convenient way to get in and out of the island is via their airplane. They do have a series of flights per day to be able to fly guests that are coming in and going out as charter planes could not accommodate a lot.  Their hangar is right by Andrews Avenue just beside Dutch Boy and pampering starts the moment you are inside their hangar. Warm staff await our arrival and after doing identification checks, we were escorted inside and were served coffee. Bread was also available for everyone as food and drinks are not served while plane is cruising.
Waiver forms are also filled-up. Since our flight was at 7am, we didn't wait long for takeoff as there was not much traffic for take-off. Their flights are coordinated with the airport control tower so morning flights are highly suggested as air traffic is less during these hours.

In just 25 minutes, you'll arrive and land at their own airstrip. Welcome drinks and lei is given to each one upon arrival and for first-timers, a brief orientation is given by their staff to ensure that everyone is aware of the themed villages as well as the basic transport to and fro these villages.

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