Sunday, July 21, 2013

Balesin Island Club: Bali Village

Bali Village is the place that we stayed during our overnight trip to Balesin. Situated by Lamon Bay, this village has the best view of sunset in the island. Too bad that it was cloudy during our stay, we didn't get to see the sun bid farewell, but if you want to catch it, make sure that you head to the Bali Clubhouse area at 5-5:30 and have your cameras and tripods ready.

          Bali is a mystical place that enchants through the sheer natural beauty of its majestic 
          volcanoes, beautiful white-sand beaches and lush terraced rice fields. The Bali Village 
          will embody the harmonious composition of nature by means of tropical landscape settings, 
          generous open spaces, water features and courtyards with wooden decks. Delight in 
          stilt villas stretching above the cool waters of Lamon Bay or experience the villas set in 
          paddies reminiscent of Ubud, Indonesia. (source:

The Villa:
It is suggested that you wear flipflops/slippers when you are staying in this village because it is located by the beach area and you will be walking in sandy walkways towards your villa and wearing shoes will be uncomfortable.

The King-sized bed 
Toilet with 2 sinks
Soap, Shampoo and Lotion
Toiletries and Vanity Needs
outside day-bed where you can relax
Fixtures inside the room

Yes, we had our own coffee machine!
Outside living room

Jacuzzi area for two

Definitely one of the best villas I've been to. Would definitely love to go back and check the other villas in the rest of their villages.

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Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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