Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Boracay Unique Activity: Trick-Art Museum

Our Boracay trip this time was a more relaxed one, we weren't planning to do anything since it wasn't our first time to go to the island and so we decided to plan our activities as the day goes.

Since our trip was on a "Habagat" Season (monsoon period), rains were expected everyday and since we went there right after typhoone "Maring," there were even times where it rained morning until evening. 
Look out for the falling Boat!!
There were not much indoor activities because being in Boracay means having fun outdoors and enjoying the beach but when we went to have ATV/Buggy, we saw this Trick-Art Museum and checked it out. We first saw "illusion" photos of these in Korea's Trick-Eye Museum and we're so happy that they also have it here in Philippines. Too bad that not a lot of people know about this place but it's really a "to see" place that adults and kids would definitely have fun.

Beside the drawings are photos where you could see how to pose in order to have the illusion effect, below are some of the illusion photos we took: 
Wine anyone?
Upside-down pose

You can try to blow Mona Lisa up!

See Pacquiao in Action

Oh no! His pants are falling!

You can also take a gondola ride
Or help her pick up bills and coins?
The trick-art museum is located at Happy Dreamland.
Entrance for the Trick-Art Museum is Php 110.00 per adult and Php 60.00 per kid
We rode the tricycle going to this place and we were charged 75 pesos per tricycle.
It's actually a mini-theme park where you can find a lot of things to do but most of the rides were not operational when we went not to sure why but probably because it was off-peak season.

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