Sunday, September 1, 2013

Smart Offers New Plan for iPad Mini

If you're planning to get an iPad mini, now's the best time! Smart is offering their iPad Mini 16GB with data for only Php 999 a month! You only have to do a cash out of Php 1,500!

To give you an idea of how much you'll spend,
999 x 24 months = Php 23,976
Cash out for the unit = Php 1,500
Total cash out = Php 25,476

The 999 a month comes with a Smart Bro Postpaid SIM Plan 399 with 50 surfing hours and anti-bill shock. For this plan by default, it is set to 3G and you need to subscribe to LTE bucket plans to get LTE signal. Right now, Smart extended their unlimited LTE offer until October 31, 2013. They have been extending it since April of 2013 and I think they'll just continue to do so, which is favorable to us, by the way.

Here's why 50 surfing hours is more or less enough for you:
(0 hours) - On weekdays, you spend what? 8 hours a day in your office with Wifi.
(5 hours) - On weekdays, you use up 2 hours of travel time. If you're commuting, it's not practical to use the iPad mini because it's an eye candy for thieves. If you drive to work, you can probably only use 1 hour because it's dangerous to use the iPad and drive. For rush hour traffic, you can only use it occassionally specially if it's in EDSA where it's moving at 3-5 kilometers per hour. Multiply an hour a day times 5. If you have a driver, I think you can also afford just to get the higher plan with unlimited data connection. It's only going to be 2 days worth of your drivers' salary for a month of unlimited data internet. If you're being fetched by your parents/siblings/friends or 'hatid-sundo', just get the money you save from commuting to getting an unlimited data plan 999. This way, you can share your internet connection with them while being stucked in Metro Manila traffic or share your blessings by having them use Waze. (Which is by the way now a partner of Smart)
(0 hours) - When you reach home, you have your home wifi to use or maybe you can leech your neighbors wifi. (not recommended). If you will use this as your only source of mobile data connection, get the plan 999 with unlimited 3G/4G connection and not this plan.

(40 hours) - Wake up a bit late. If you're at home, then you have your home wifi to use. If you're going out, mall opens at 10am. In the morning, you only have around an hour left to use your data (if you're going to the mall and just use your iPad the whole day, which you might as well stay home or stay in a comfortable place or coffee shop with free wifi). In the afternoon, you have around 5 hours? Not to mention that a lot of establishments nowadays have free wifi. Let's peg it at 5 hours and same thing during Sundays. Multiply it by 4 weekends in a month more or less.

In total, on the sample scenario given above, the 50 hours included in the data plan is enough because you only need 45 hours in total with a 5-hour buffer. Here's the beauty of this plan if you still can't see it. Notice how on some months that you need to use more internet hours than another? Well, this plan is perfect because for the months that you use less internet hours, this is okay. If you use more, this plan has the anti-bill shock protection included which makes you only pay a maximum of 999 a month. In the case of this plan,

Standard P999 a month for this iPad Mini 16Gb plan
P399 for the 50 surfing hours + ABS*
P600 for the iPad Mini 16GB

When applying the *Anti-bill shock, you add it to the existing data fee excluding the iPad Mini payment. So,

P399 for the 50 surfing hours + ABS*
P600 for the iPad Mini 16GB
(Applying *ABS)
Maximum of +P600 for additional data usage and you will automatically be converted to unlimited data for the month.

Best reason why this is recommended
Looking at it in another point of view, the iPad mini costs P600 a month for 24 months. In total, you'd only be paying P15,900 (including the 1,500 cash out) for a 16GB iPad with LTE. This is even cheaper than the grey market units available around Metro Manila!

So there. I hope I made a point on the advantages of this plan. The disadvantage? You only have until December 1, 2013 to avail of this plan unless they extend it which will be perfect because it'll be the perfect Christmas gift to your loved ones/friends or a random stranger if you're really that generous. And if you are, my email address is up there and I'd like to be your random stranger.

Ready to get an iPad on amazing Smart LTE?


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