Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Plants vs Zombies II Planting Techniques

Plants vs Zombies have been a craze recently and just like candy crush, everyone has been talking about this and has been playing this game.

I only got addicted when we went to Boracay because there was pretty much nothing to do when rains are pouring after typhoon Maring. Here are some of the techniques that we found that may be helpful especially on the more difficult stages like Last stand.

Share with us your techniques as well so that other would know how you defeated the zombies that are coming! Happy playing!

Ancient Egypt: Last Stand I
Ancient Egypt: Last Stand II
Ancient Egypt: Last Stand III
(I started with this game plan)
Ancient Egypt: Last Stand III
(I ended up getting the startand losing all my Iceberg lettuce and one Kernel Pult)
Pirate Seas: Last Stand 3
Pirate Seas: Last Stand III - First Scenario
Alternatively, you may also use this! very interesting as zombies don't eat them!
Pirate Seas: Last Stand III - Second Scenario
Wild West Last Stand II
Wild West Last Stand III
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