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Burger Company - The Newest Burger Place to Satisfy your Burger Cravings

There are several burger places in the metro that certainly hits the spot when it comes to burger satisfaction. My old favorite burger place was Boulevard Diner in Katipunan. Too bad that it closed down for some unknown reasons but don't fret! The burger expert from Boulevard Diner opened a new burger place in Quezon City -- Burger Company and it is located near Panay Ave QC. I think the location is waaay better than the previous one. Exact address is at 72B Scout Reyes corner Mother Ignacia Ave QC.
X marks the spot - Location of Burger Company in QC

So happy to be invited for the preview of the Burger Company. Official soft opening date is August 9, 2013. The place was packed even though it was only an invite only night. Parking can accommodate 5-6 cars. Not sure about street parking but the place in front of it looks unutilized so maybe those are additional spaces Burger Company can use for the meantime.

You won't miss it. Just follow the map above and you'll see their logo brightly lighting up the not so famous street of Scout Reyes. Surely, they will be putting that street on the map! Outside is where they grill their burgers so the smell won't stick to what you're wearing.

Chargrilled burger from Burger Company
Brightly lit interior of Burger Company
Warehouse type interior - Not the tacky type
The Food
Fries Overload
Actually, didn't get to try this. I was at the counter when this was placed there so I took a shot to show you the presentation. If I was still there, I'd order it now. The looks of it makes me hungry.

Bantam Weight (6pcs wings) - Louisiana BBQ flavor | Php 135.00
Using their own formula of BBQ sauce, their wings are also a must-try! BBQ is a safe choice for people who doesn't want spicy food but if you are up to the challenge, try the Global Warming. I haven't tried so I can't say how spicy it is but it is their most spiciest sauce available. You can choose from 13 flavors and they have lots of original flavors that are unique like cocoa and chili, asian samurai and more. (Check out the menu below)

The smallest order is Bantam weight (6pcs) at 135 pesos. The next one is medium weight (10pcs) at 195 pesos and the biggest order is their Heavy weight (14pcs) at 260 pesos. You can order several bantam weights so you can try out a lot of flavors.

Cajun and Blues Burger | Php 199.00
My wife doesn't eat much cheese but she pretty much enjoyed this cheesy burger! Might look ordinary based on the photo because the toppings are the usual BUT what's special about their burgers is the patty. They are all certified Angus Beef and it is VERY juicy and tender. The formulation came from the burger expert I mentioned earlier and he is now called the burger boss here and when it comes to burgers, he really IS the authority.

Green Chile and Sour Cream Burger | Php 199.00
I wanted to shy away from the usual cheese burger that I order. My favorite during the Boulevard Diner times was the gorgonzola burger. I saw in their menu that it is still available but what spiced up my interest was their chili burger. The green chile and sour cream burger is super nice! The sour cream sauce and the cheese mixed with green chile is pure awesomeness. At first, I thought that the green chile was too strong for the rest of the burger toppings but after my second bite, it mixed very well together which makes you want to chomp down on it non-stop. Looks like my new favorite burger is not the gorgonzola anymore though if you are not the adventurous type, the gorgonzola burgers are your safest bet. If you want something new, ask for their recommendations. You won't regret it.

Fire and Ice Cake | Php 100.00/ slice
Being on the adventurous side that night, my wife and I opted to try the Fire and Ice cake. Sounds like George R R Martins novel, right? Here's what to expect: Acquired taste. The top portion is the caramel part and it's the sweetest part of the cake followed by the chocolate decadent below it. The chili is mixed somewhere in between the chocolate cake (not a layer per se). Once you get a bite, make sure that you get a section of each for you to get the perfect balance. What happens is that you get to taste the sweet caramel then followed by the chocolate decadent and at the last part, you'll get a hint of spiciness. It's like a thin trail of chili lining your throat. Not very spicy but just enough to tickle you.

This cake is specially made for them. Another specialty cake that they serve is the Chocolate chocnut cake. This is the cake I will try on my next visit.

Burger boss is at it again! I have yet to find my most favorite burger from their menu! So far, this replaces Boulevard Diner as my most favorite burger place in the metro Boulevard Diner is still better and is my favorite but since it already closed down, I also recommended that you guys also try this out! Can't wait to try out other items in their menu!

Oh, and Scarlet is back! (You'll know her if you've been to Boulevard Diner)

Burger Company Menu and Prices

More info about:
Burger Company
Address: 72B Scout Reyes corner Mother Ignacia Ave QC
Operating Hours: 11am-11pm

Facebook /BurgerCompanyPh
Twitter / @BurgerCompanyPh
Instagram / @BurgerCompanyPh

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Anonymous said...

so so, the price is quite the same as their pasig or makti counterpart, i expect the food prices in QC area to be abit lower .