Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hey Gourmet: One-of-a-kind Flavored Ensaymada

Recently, husband and I wanted to try something new to share with our friends so we decided to check Hey Gourmet on their flavored ensaymadas.

We were blessed as they were kind enough to entertain us at 11pm and accommodate our orders for the following day. We were given their Facebook link where we could check the varieties of flavored ensaymadas that they offer. This was no easy task for me (who has a sweet tooth) because everything looks delicious and as much as I want to eat one of each kind, I know I would have a difficulty burning those calories. Later on though, I found out that they also offer mini-ensaymadas which is perfect for those who wants to taste a little bit of everything and not worry on gaining much weight!

The prices for the flavored ensaymadas ranges from Php 50.00/pc (Hey Gourmet Flavors), Php 60.00/pc (Hey Premium Flavors) and PhP 70.00/pc (Hey Branded Flavors).
Our DoughNOTS
We decided to order the following:
Salted Caramel PhP 50.00/pc
Classic Ensaymada PhP 50.00/pc
Chocolate Panic PhP 50.00/pc
White Chocolate Kisses PhP 50.00/pc
Tiramisu PhP 50.00/pc
Oreo Cheesecake PhP 60.00/pc

Because there were lots of flavors and my stomach only had a limited space, I only get to try 3 kinds and here is my verdict. Btw, I didn't eat them all at the same day!
Oreo Cheesecake:

Not very much a fan of cheese since my dermatologist forbids me to eat cheese but I loved the combination of cream cheese frosting and oreo topping while you get to eat the soft ensaymada.

Salted Caramel:

Cheese on top went well with the salted caramel flavor. Others may find it sweet but the cheese neutralizes the sweetness of the caramel.

Classic Ensaymada:
Your classic ensaymada only better - creamier, cheesier and yummier.

Husband was able to try White Chocolate Kisses:
It's the perfect ensaymada for those who have sweet tooth and you get to have that sumptuous chocolate serving you've been craving for.

Regardless of the flavor you are picking, you are guaranteed that the ensaymada bread is freshly made, making you enjoy every single bite!

For August 2013 weekends, Hey Gourmet will be in Rockwell's weekend market.
Check them out at Lower Ground Level, right in front of McDonald's
For orders and other pastries, check their Facebook page:
You can also contact them via text: 0922-8579151
Or email them at:

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