Saturday, September 14, 2013

Get a Starbucks Grande Drink for Only P80 using the Starbucks Card

A few days back, I bought a Starbucks card here in Manila. Here are some information from the barista:

*P300 minimum load when initially buying your Starbucks card (No charge for the card)
*After that, minimum load will just be P100
*Free Grande drink of your choice upon activation (clause indicates that this is only valid for newly registered accounts)
*Free Drink of any size or cake on your birthday which can be claimed within 60 days.

So, I went ahead and registered my card there on the spot (click here to register), got my grande drink of choice (a Mocha Frappucino worth P150). Then I sat there thinking... Wow, free drink upon registration, free cake on your birthday* and your card still has P300? Hmmm.. So I did some math and analyzed it.

(Option A)
The most valued grande drink you can buy is worth P180. The cheapest drink you can get is P100. To get a card, you can just pay P300 for the card with P300 load.

P300 load can buy 2 grande drinks worth P150 ea.
P180 for your free grande drink
P130 free cake upon purchase of ANY drink (In this case, P100 drink)

Total cash out is P400. (P300 load and the P100 drink purchase)
So, for your cash out of P400, you'll get...
(2) Grande drinks worth P150 each
(1) Grande drink worth P180
(1) Tall drink worth P100
(1) Cake worth P130

The above mentioned items in total is already worth P710 pesos. Divide it by the number of items above, which is 5 gives you a total product value of P80 each. Given the fact that each item is 80 pesos each,
> You can't buy even the cheapest grande drink for P80
> You can't buy any slice of cake for P80
> and you can't even buy a tall drink worth P100 for P80 unless you have a senior citizen card.

(Option B)
Alternatively, you can do this another way,
Get a card and pay for the minimum P300 load (It can buy 2 grande drinks worth P150 ea. or 3 tall drinks worth P100 ea)
P180 for your free grande drink

(300 cash out divided by 3 drinks mentioned above = 100 ea)
or if you like one of those P100 peso tall drinks
(300 cash out divided by 4 drinks mentioned above = 75 ea)

Average cost per grande drink will go down to just P100 pesos! That's still cheaper compared to purchasing the cheapest grande drink at full price as P100 can only get you the cheapest tall drink.

Remember, the free drink will only be given to newly registered accounts (new email). If you add a new card to your already existing account, I don't think you'll get a free grande drink. You might need a new email for each card.

Add-in the credit card perks
This is only valid until credit card companies realize that Starbucks now accepts Quasi-cash transactions.
Usually, credit card companies give out 5% rebates on your swipes but redeemable only with their specific partner establishments. For example, Allied Bank credit cards give you P100 GC (on their partner establishments like Bon Chon) for every P2000 single swipe purchase. Basing it on the Starbucks card terms and condition, you can purchase a maximum of P10,000 pesos load for a single card and you can buy 10 cards per transaction. But I'm not telling you to do that as you have to pay for it. What you do is you buy (7) cards with P300 load each. This way, your total purchase will amount to P2100 just enough for you to claim P100 reward.

Combining this credit card perk to 'Option B', P100 GC divided by 7 cards you got will give you a value of P14.28 per card. Now, each card that you have paid for P300 pesos will get a P14 discount which makes it P286. Get the same drink as mentioned above (which is either 2 grande worth 150 or 3 tall drinks worth 100) and your average grande drink now costs P95 pesos.

If you combine the credit card perks to 'Option A', you're average cost per item as mentioned above would only be P78 pesos.

Bring your own tumbler and get P5 off! That'll bring it down to P90! The best thing about Starbucks is you can still use your Starbucks planner's coupons even if you're getting a discount. Those coupons as per inquiry can be used in conjunction with existing promos. With regards to senior citizen discount, ask your friendly Starbucks barista about it.

What else you can do to maximize card?
A) Card rather than GC 
Rather than buying gift certificates to give away, get those Starbucks card! If you buy P300 worth of GC, you'll just be getting P300 worth of items. If you buy the card, you get P300 credits AND a free grande drink of your choice which can amount to P180 (and a 5% rebate if you're using credit card with minimum purchase of around P2000). It's your choice if you want to use the perks first before you give it away or just give it away and have them register it on their own, which gives your recipient additional Starbucks drink of their choice.

B) Give away the card
As mentioned above, minimum load for a newly purchased card is P300 while minimum reload is P100. By giving the card away, you give the recipient a chance to participate in their loyalty program (12 drinks, free 1 drink) with just minimum one time cash out of P100 per reload.

Remember, all of these are just some things I thought of that I want to share and this can be mutually beneficial to consumers and the brands indicated herewith as they can now update their policies to conform to their likings to prevent being taken advantage of. Next time, email me your promos and I'll think of things like these. It's my hobby to analyze.

For some, saving a bit won't matter but to some, it does. I'm not forcing you to do this nor am I encouraging you to do so. I'm just giving you an idea of what other benefits you can get with the Starbucks card other than getting a free drink for every 12 drinks you purchase. (Which will just save you around P15 per drink)

To know more about the Starbucks card, read their Terms and Conditions here:
Starbucks Card FAQ -
Starbucks Card T&C -

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