Friday, September 13, 2013

Newsbits: Metrobank Platinum and World Mastercard Promo: Kimpura 50% Off

We had the chance to eat dinner at Kimpura a few nights ago and because they currently have a tie-up with Metrobank World and Platinum Mastercard, our dinner was very much worth it. 

Since there was no other space that was available when we made reservations, we were seated at their teppanyaki table.We were also told that because a lot of people have been dining due to the ongoing promo, we could either book dinner at 7:00-7:30 pm (first round) or 8:30-9:00 pm (second round). We chose the 7:30 pm slot but because we enjoyed dinner so much, we ended up around 9:45 pm.

We were surprised upon our arrival as the restaurant was packed with diners (considering that it was a Wednesday night). We were immediately seated to our assigned teppanyaki table and we were given the menu. What I loved about this place? Even if you are eating here because of the promotion, they don't sacrifice the service - which always makes your dining experience extraordinary. 

We ordered the following dishes for 10 people but paid for about Php 5,000.00+-.
1. Ebi Tempura (8 pieces) - 3 orders at Php 540.00 each
2. Assorted fried Rice - 8 orders ranging from Php 70.00 - 85.00 per order
3. Mixed Seafood Teppan - 1 order at Php 480.00 
4. Tofu  Steak - 2 orders at Php 195.00
5. Lapu-Lapu Teppan - 1 order (forgot to take note of the price for this)
6. Oyster Teppan - 1 order at Php 220.00
7. Sukiyaki - 2 orders at Php 680.00 each
8. Kimpura Roll - 1 order at Php 195.00
9. S. Cali Roll - 1 order at Php 395.00
10. Fresh Tuna Sashimi - 1 order at Php 295.00
11. Yaki Gyoza - 1 order at Php 150.00
12. Black Angus - 2 orders at Php 995.00 each
Yummy Sukiyaki
Their famous Ebi Tempura
Other than the appetizers, soup and Tempura, everything was cooked right in front of us by one of their teppan chefs Mr. Benny. 
My freshly cooked vegetable rice
In addition, we also got 7 free desserts and they have quite a vast selection of sweets to choose from. Most of us got the ice cream scoop but I preferred to take pineapple slices (which turned out to be good too).
My pineapple slices
The Metrobank Platimun and World Mastercard Promo 50% off promo period is from August 27 to September 30, 2013. This is available from Mondays through Fridays except legal and special holidays. 
Lunch time is from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm
Dinner time is from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Please note that discount is valid for food so service charge is not included.
For more details, visit

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