Monday, September 16, 2013

FOBO Wireless Tag - The Perfect Wireless iPhone Accessory

My FIL came from Hong Kong and gave me this nifty gadget -- A FOBO tag. At first look, it looked like a key finder. Well, I was partly right. It can function as a key finder but it's more than that!

FOBO tag is a bluetooth device that can help you monitor your loved ones or belongings under various situations. Just pair it with your iOS (iPhone 4s and iPhone 5) for it to work. Essentially, it can be very useful for people who needs to keep track of something or someone.

To pair it with your iOS device, just scan the QR code at the back of the FOBO tag.

Here are the main features of this FOBO tag:
1) Remind Me - Reminder in case you forget your belonging or your loved one wanders away form you.
From my personal experience, I usually put the FOBO tag inside my bag and when I put it in the 'Remind Me' mode, my phone will sound off an alarm in 2 scenarios: When I leave my bag (perfect for people that often leaves behind stuff) or my bag wanders away from me. Right now, I can only think of those "Salisi gangs" that steals your belongings while distracting you. This device might not fully prevent those things from happening but it can give you a higher chance of preventing it by warning you earlier.

Another practical application I've been wanting to try is to put this inside my luggage. The device is designed without an on/off switch and it uses very low power. When it comes in contact with a device that it is paired with, the device will sound off. When your luggage lands on the conveyor belt and it is within range, your phone will alert you.

A downside I discovered with this device is when I put my bag behind me and when I lean on it. My phone in my pocket (already affected by the clothing blocking it) has a hard time detecting the bluetooth signal inside my bag behind me. Other than that, everything seems to work as advertised.

2) Don't Move Me - Kind of self explanatory. Once your stuff moves, it will sound off an alarm. This is a more effective tool against those 'Salisi Gangs'. As soon as you move your bag, it will sound off an alarm before they can even get away. Thing here is, you cannot put it somewhere where there is constant movement. Perfect for scenarios where you need to leave your bag a few feet away from you.

3) Find Me - The key finder feature! As advertised, "Locate a parked vehicle or a misplaced belonging in the vicinity." Huh? If you ever lose your car or forget where you parked it, you would need something better than a FOBO tag UNLESS you have so many cars that you cannot pair your key with the car. But yes, this can also help you. In a way. (Check out the video below)

4) SOS Me - As advertised, it said that it can alert your loved ones with GPS & audio recording when you face danger. Personally, I haven't tried this yet and I'll just update it as soon as I try this feature out.

To know more about this feature, check out this video:

Other neat features are:
- Cross pair up to 30 devices with the FOBO tag
- Set a timezone and safezone where the FOBO tag will not alarm. For example, you can set your FOBO tag not to alarm inside your home or maybe for the timezone, you can set it not to alarm from 10pm to 7am.
- The FOBO tag is waterproof! Compliant to IP57 and will continue to work even if submerged underwater. A downside is that Bluetooth RF signals do not work well under water. Thing is, you won't actually use this underwater but you can be sure that water won't damage your FOBO device.
- This uses a CR2450 battery that can last up to a year (varies according to usage) so no need to keep on charging it.

Overall, I'm liking this gadget as I sometimes forget my belongings. Also, it makes me feel more secure whenever I'm outside say, in a restaurant or a coffee shop. Even though it's still best to be aware of your surroundings and belongings most of the time, you'll never know when this tag will be useful and can save you the all the hassle of losing your stuff.

Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Weight: 26 grams
HxD: 10.9mm x 44.2mm
Battery: CR2450
Operating Temperature: -10c ~ 50c
ESD: 8kV air, 4kV direct contact
Operating humidity: Up to90% non condensing at 40c
Dust and Water Proof IEC60529 compliant to IP57

Accessories included in the package:
(1) FOBO bluetooth device
Case Strap
Protective Case
Stainless steel key chain
Double sided tape
Quick start guide
Caution note

If you have questions, feel free to ask me. I can try it out for you. If you're interested, check out the link below:

More info?
FOBO Tag Specs -
FOBO Tag iOS app -

To give you a better idea of the features, check out this video below:

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