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Passport Renewal Process in the Philippines - Step By Step Guide with Map inside DFA Aseana

Old Philippine Passports
Earlier today, I had my passport renewed. It's been awhile since I did this and the last time was still in the old DFA building along Roxas Boulevard. I didn't know what to expect and same with many people renewing their passports, they just ask the guards and go with the flow. Well, I'd like to give you an idea and a brief overview of what to expect, where to go and some basic information when renewing your passport here in Department of Foreign Affairs Aseana Building along Macapagal.

First things first. Set an appointment by going to this site: http://passport.com.ph/set-appointmentRemember, do not go to DFA if you do not have an appointment because even right before you enter, the security from the first gate (GATE 1) will ask for your PRINTED appointment form with your schedule indicated on it. That's the second reminder. Print that form you will get from the website. It'll be your entry ticket to DFA. For me, I my appointment was in DFA Aseana as the other locations were already full. Below is a map with some notes and directions on how to go to DFA office of Consular Affairs Aseana.
(Note: Companions aren't allowed inside except if your with a minor or senior citizen or PWD)

How to go to DFA Aseana 
Upon arrival, you will enter through GATE 1 (Red dot). Present your appointment form and go straight to STEP 0. Below the procedure and steps, I made a simple diagram using MS Paint to give you an idea of where to go and what to do. It's still better to ask the officers on duty in case they change the process but for now, it's been like this for some time now according to some people I asked.

Steps and procedures in renewing your passport
Actually, there are only 3 steps according to them. But this is not what I encountered and you have to go to several areas in the building so, I created a more comprehensive step-by-step guide.

[The letters signify an area or a location inside or outside the DFA Aseana building. Scroll down further to check out the image]
Step 0: Submit your documents for appointment time verification. (A)

If you are a senior citizen or PWD, proceed to GATE 5 (N) and go to the second level.
Go to (V) first then follow the procedure as instructed. Wait in (X) and finish the process in the area (Y). If you have a foreign sounding surname, you'll have to go to the first level of the building you are in for interview. On an average, this process will take you around 45-minutes to an hour (depending on the line).

But, if you are not qualified for the 'fast track', Upon verification, they will inform you where you will stay and wait (Either in section C, L or M) Then, your final waiting area will be in (B). Wait for you to be called by the officer on duty. (you'll line up there like lining up for a ride in a theme park but of course, less fun)

Step 1: Document Processing
After waiting in (B), you will be called by the officer on duty and enter through door (F). Again, another theme park-like queue inside the building (This time, airconditioned) in area (I). If ever you need legal stuff like affidavit of loss or what not, go to area (H). Finally, after waiting some time again, your documents will be checked in area (G). To make sure your visit won't be a waste, don't forget to bring the following:
-Photocopy of your passport (Page with photo and page with signature at the back)
-Certified true copy of your NSO birth certificate
-Printout of appointment form
-Old passport or passports (Just to be sure)
-Valid IDs (Just to be sure)
-YOU! (Personal appearance)

For a more comprehensive list (and to be sure it's updated), do check out: http://passport.com.ph/requirements

Present the said required documents to area (G) and you'll be either instructed to go to GATE 5 (N) for interview (For foreign looking and sounding surnames) or proceed to Step 2 and 3. See? All those above are just for Step 1!

*If you go to GATE 5 for interview, go inside and proceed to the room where it says "Passport Division". After that, go back to (G) where your counter is to get your receipt.

Payment window
Step 2: Payment
Once you're through Step 1, you'll get a receipt for Step 2 which is payment. Go up the stairs (J) and proceed to area (V). There, you'll need to just present your receipt and payment (exact payment preferred).

Passport Fees:
Rush - Php 1,200.00 (10 days)
Regular - Php 950.00 (20 days)
*# of days yet to be verified

After payment, go to area (Q) to get your number. Check out the screen to know which counter you will proceed to in area (P) for step 3.

Wait for your number to be flashed on the TV screen
Step 3: Encoding / Photo / Signature / Data Verification
Go to your assigned desk. The officer will type in your details and you are there to verify it. After verification, they'll get your photo, signature and thumb marks. In this step, you'll get back a receipt. That receipt will be used for you to claim your passport OR if you want to have your passport shipped, proceed to area (T and U).

Pay for the shipping in area (T) then, proceed to area (U) and give them your OR. You'll be informed when you will receive it and you'll be asked when you want it shipped. They will also ask you who will be receiving the document.

After that, that's it! Exit via the escalator (Z) as it is nearer GATE 3 (K). Congrats! You're passport renewal is now done! If you'll be using courier, add a day before it arrives to your assigned delivery location. All this took me 2 hours plus. I arrived in the morning and the number of hours might be longer if your appointment is a later than 8-9am.

I hope I gave you an idea on what to do. Let me know if you have questions. By the way, the steps mentioned above are for passport renewal. For new passports, I took a photo of a
step-by-step process displayed inside DFA Aseana. (Latter part of the page)
*Area (S) has 4 windows

New Passport Application - Step-by-step process

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