Sunday, September 22, 2013

Z-Square: One of the Newest Places in Banawe

Growing in this part of the metro, Banawe Street has been a friend to me eversince I was a kid. I remembered how this small street of cars parts and accessories managed to live with restaurants.. I guess it was because people who wanted their cars repaired also thought of eating something while they wait, hence the birth of the famous Banawe Street. 

Just recently, more buildings and structures have been developed in Banawe, some for residential purposes but most new buildings are for commercial use. What everyone is looking forward to is the Z-Square which is located at the corner of Banawe and Del Monte Avenue. It has been a while since this building has started and residents from nearby places has been looking forward to seeing the establishments to open in this building.

Honestly, what I like about Z-Square is the growing excitement of the neighborhood because they slowly unveil the restaurants and stores that are soon to open. Below is a list of the streamers that were up the past few weeks. I know there are lots more to open, but until they formally open the building to the public, the whole community will be waiting for more streamers or store signs to be up as the weeks go by.

Z-Square had opened yesterday September 24, 2013. Cars started to build-up as early as 1030 am (while I was on my way to work). The only establishments that are currently open are Handyman and Robinson's Supermarket but I'm quite sure that in the next few days, other stores will begin to open too. Not too sure if basement parking is already open but there are a few parking slots on the street level.

A few list of establishments that will open:
Adobo Connection

CD-R King
Famous Belgian Waffles 
Ineng's Barbeque
Kungfu Chicken
Lido Restaurant
Mann Hann
NYOC (Not Your Ordinary Chicks)
Quick Stomach
Tully's Coffee
Robinson's Supermarket

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NYOC said...

Hi Cheftonio!

Z Square had its soft opening yesterday and I heard the lines for the supermarket was crazy :P

I'd just like to add to your list of stores our food cart, NYOC (Not Your Ordinary Chicks), located just in front of the supermarket. We are offering quick serve chicken wings in a variety of flavors and levels of hotness. We will be opening on Monday. I definitely hope to see you there soon! :)