Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013 - Sign-up Now!

Blogapalooza Blogger Event
The biggest B2B (Business to Blogger) event in the Philippines is finally here again! I attended the first one and this I think is the second one. Their concept is simple:

> Businesses present to bloggers, TED talk style. Businesses are given 15 minutes to present their products, service and or ideas to hundreds of blogger audience.
>> Bloggers then write about those presented ideas, service or products and...
>>> ...hundreds and thousands of each blogger's followers can be informed about it! The reach can be exponential and very advantageous to the business!

In a way, this is a cheaper alternative rather to hosting your own blogger event. Imagine the cost of inviting hundreds of bloggers compared to just presenting in Blogapalooza for a fee. The disadvantage though is you only get a short period of time and the concentration is spread out among presentors. The good news is that, because you are just speaking for a short period of time, attention span is higher among the audience!

So far, I think the Pros outweigh the Cons so better sign up now if you're a business and if you're a blogger, hurry up because slots are limited!

Join them by clicking the links below:

Join Us Now

business join blogapalooza

Bloggers join blogapalooza

More info? Visit http://blogapalooza.wheninmanila.com/what-is-blogapalooza/
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