Monday, October 21, 2013

Bronuts: Your one-of-a-kind Yummy Cronut

My First Bronuts during Manly Eats

Like macarons, cronuts quickly made its way to the top of Manila's must try sweets. As much as I wanted to try all the cronuts here, I'm pretty sure I'll end up 10 lbs heavier. 

But hey, What is a cronut? How do you explain it to your folks? According to Wikipedia, cronut is a croissant-doughnut pastry that was developed for a pastry shop in New York. This dessert has eventually gone global and there are quite a number of pastry shops/restaurants here that offer this pastry.

In my quest for good cronuts, I didn't know where to start but when checking the internet, Bronuts have quickly made it's way to the top list. Having work even during Saturdays and living an hour away from Rockwell, it has been a challenge for us to go to this side of the metro during Sundays. Good thing that Bronuts became a part of Podium's "Manly Eats" hence, we were able to grab our first sets of cronuts.
Bronuts Stall in Rockwell

With the help of a good friend, I was able to reserve their cronuts early morning. If you checked Instagram and the other social media sites, you would know that they quickly sell out. They do make refills but because demand it so high, you might be sorry if you come late.

A piece of their cronut costs 110 Php but buying a box of six would cost you only 600 Php. (60 Php cheaper). What's good about their Rockwell branch is that they offer free taste so you can try their many different flavors and buy the one you liked best. Funny thing was, husband and I, on our second purchase of Bronuts only wanted 2 pieces but ended up buying box of 6 because of the many yummy flavors that we tasted haha!
They restock but it easily sells out!!

What I actually loved about Bronuts is the fact that they do their flavors with a twist! Below are some of their yummy flavored cronuts that we have tried:

My Second Box of Bronuts purchased at Rockwell

Belgian Chocolate with Salted Caramel - this has been my first favorite on my first try of Bronuts. Other than having a sweet tooth, the mixture of chocolates and the crushed salted caramel on top was just perfect. 

Blueberry and Cream - my new favorite. This is perfect for those who wanted to eat something fruity sweet. The blueberry filling in the middle made it yummier!

Cream Cheese with Bacon - Something not too sweet. This is perfect for those who preferred saltiness over sweetness. What's good is the bacon filling inside matches the cream cheese and it's definitely not something weird for a dessert.

Iho de Leche aka Ensaymada - Ahh their newest flavor! Loved it too the moment I got to grab a free taste of this. Not too sweet because of the cheesy filling in the middle that neutralizes it and the Sugar used on top is muscovado so it's healthier! 

Strawberry Yogurt - Another fruity favorite! This will definitely capture the hearts of all the strawberry-lovers out there

Spicy Floss - who would have thought that pastry can be spicy too? This is perfect for those who wanted to eat something sweet with a little spice on it. 

Bronuts' Flavors
Do take note that because this has the attributes of a croissant, you may have difficulty cutting it. Because of the generous size of their cronut, it is suggested that you cut it to smaller pieces because eating a whole piece might be too heavy. In addition, these cronuts are best paired with coffee or tea, because they neutralizes the sweetness of the pastry.

October 21-25 Bronuts' Special Promotion:
This week, Bronuts will be in Rockwell from Monday - Friday to introduce to everyone their "Work Man's Bronuts." For 110 Php, you not only get a Bronut but also a cup of coffee for free!
Work Man's Bronut

In addition, there will be a promo for friends who are working in Rockwell area. All you need to do is present your company ID when buying 6 of the Work Man's Bronuts and get 1 free! 
Schedule of company as follows:
October 21 (Monday) - Nestle
October 22 (Tuesday) -Ateneo
October 23 (Wednesday) - Phinma
October 24 (Thursday) - Rockwell Land
October 25 (Friday) - All companies within Rockwell Area

Check their booth right in front of True Value and Philux! Happy Bronut eating!

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