Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yam Cha Lunch at 利利 (Li Li) Hyatt Hotel

We just can't get enough of Dimsum and honestly, being Chinese doesn't make me an exception. Just last Sunday, we were able to try 利利 (Li Li) located at the 5th level of Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila. At 1,650.00, you get to enjoy unlimited quality buffet with great service.

Here are a few things that's a plus factor in this restaurant: (for me)
1. Even though it's a buffet place, the only ones served in the buffet station are the  appetizers and sweets. This means that you will be able to sit down, relax and enjoy your meal with friends and family compared to rushing to different stations and queuing to grab your food.

2. Specific Drinks are included in the buffet price. (Calamansi Iced Tea, softdrinks and local beer). Of course, Chinese tea will always be best paired with dimsum, you can ask for it with no charge.

3. Quality service. Since we were booked in a room, there was a specific wait-staff that was assigned to us. I highly commend their training because even though she's alone, she was able to manage our orders and requests at a breeze.

4. Buffet doesn't only include dimsum but they offer a wide variety of Chinese dishes as well.

The Food:
Since we arrived around 1+ in the afternoon and we were very hungry, I wasn't able to take pictures of all the food and appetizer section. But here are a few shots of the actual food that I ate.

Food I got from Appetizer Station
You would find quite a number of food in the appetizer section but please don't get too much because you should save space for the the dimsum and entree. My recommendation? The tea-egg and the beancurd roll are the must-try ones and the maki contains "lechon kawali" meat inside with it's skin on the outside. Soup and congee is also available but there'e nothing much special about them.

My Dimsum Plate 1
Their dimsum is served on a bamboo container and even though it is eat all you can, it is only served when you order. Their Xiao Long Bao is good and the Asado Sipao as well. They have unique dimsum like the one on the upper left (forgot what it's called but it contains fish).

Honestly, You wouldn't be able to eat a lot of dimsum BUT if you will be eating with friends/family, it is always best to only order a dish per kind and then order more of those ones that you liked best. In this way, you wouldn't be forced to eat a lot and you would be able to enjoy it.

Below are some of the entree we ordered. If I remember it correctly, you can order it in small, medium and large. I suggest that you order the small size first and order again you wanted to eat some more of the same as left-overs will be charged ala carte.

Fish with Butter and Cheese
Tofu with Scallop: A must order entree!

What I love about this is that the main entree that they offer is served with the best ingredients. Be it seafood or poultry, you know that they have quality in it.

Fruits on one side and sweets on the other side
Chocolate Fountain with Candy Jars
For their dessert, they have a room that's literally filled with goodness - a wide array of fruits, cakes, sweets! What I love about this is that they actually have a wide variety of sweets other than the traditional Chinese ones.

利利 Li Li Sunday Yam Cha Brunch Buffet is Priced at Php 1,650.00 per head
This is from 11:30 am to 2:30pm as it becomes ala carte afterwards
They are located at the 5th Floor of Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila
Parking is available at the Basement level of the hotel and fees are waived per car on a minimum spent of Php 1,000.00

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