Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Panasonic Cordless Iron: Ironing made Easier

Because we're living in the 21st century, everything is made easier because of technology. In my dad's recent trip, he bought me something that's very useful for all the wives who do household chores on their own like me - Wireless Iron!

I suddenly feel like considering this iron as a gadget but really, 10 years ago, have you every imagined that your iron will become wireless one day? The distinct feature of this is actually the fact that you can freely move in all directions without any wire bothering you.

Back view of the iron with the electrical specifications
One thing I noticed is that because of the pointed end design at the back of the iron, you could not make it stand from the back unlike the regular irons that we have.

Side view

Top View: Temperature/heat adjustment knob
You can also see that controls are written in Chinese characters. Not everyone would be able to read them but because the user manula has English language, it would be easier to identify these controls.

Sealed Water Hole

Front View: Steam adjustment knob
Bottom View: Holes for the steam

I consider the steam feature an important one because this helps you finish your ironing duties quicker compared to a no-steam iron.
Detachable water container

What's good about Panasonic iron is that their water containers for steam is always detachable - making it easier for the user to re-fill it with water.

You may need to buy adapter for it to fit in our outlets.

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