Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wrong Ramen: A Unique Ramen Resto Concept in BGC

Just last weekend, we had the chance to go to Fort area to visit a friend. Since the weather was cold and rains were heavy, we decided to have ramen for dinner. 

Since we rarely go to this side of the metro, we decided to look for the nearest ramen place in BGC. We found Wrong Ramen by Burgos Circle and there was street parking available so we decided to push through.

It was just around 615pm and we were already 7th in line. Good thing that we decided to go early - we had time to spare and wait. We left our number with them so they could call us when our table is ready.

A good thing about this place is that there are establishments where you can roam around while you wait. We waited for 10-15 minutes and we were next in line when we got back to Wrong Ramen.

Upon entering, we were directed to the second floor. The place was not as big as expected - it could sit a maximum of 28-30 people, there were only dividers that separated us from fellow diner but there was enough staff on standby to meet the needs of each group of diners. We were immediately given the menu after we were seated and because the place was small - there were only a few ramen choices (Six) to choose from. This was actually a good thing for me because I always have a hard time choosing which dish to choose.

                                   Unique Pictures haging on their wall                                  
I am not a fan of spicy food and because I always wanted something that is healthier (less fat and oil), I chose Tonkotsu (light) thinking that it was a smaller bowl compared to the regular bowl. Ramen will never be complete without adding runny egg so I ordered one as well. My companions ordered the same except for my husband who ordered Tantanmen because he is a fan of spicy food. We tried to order Oyster Katsu for starters but because they didn't have stock, we ended up with Tofu Katsu.
"Battery"  Salt and Pepper 
What I loved about the place was the concept because they were not afraid of defying the standard ramen dishes and presentation (in a good way). If you would check their menu, you can see different names that may sound wrong but ended up good. Their interiors were not complicated but I loved how the simple condiments and signs compliment their idea of "Wrong Ramen"

Below are some photos that we took:

Tofu Katsu Php 125.00
It's your ordinary tofu that was cooked in a katsu way but the sauce that went with it made it special.

Tantanmen Php 395.00
This is actually one of their best-selling ramen dishes, husband said that this is one of the best ramen that he's eaten here in Manila and he highly recommends this to those people who loves spicy food.

My Tonkotsu (Light) Php 290.00
I didn't realize that the bowl was the regular "big-sized one" until my order arrived. Even though this was light, the soup was creamy enough. Compared to the other ramen places that had char-siu slices on top, Wrong Ramen has these grinded to go with the soup so you wouldn't have difficulty eating them. I ended up finishing the entire bowl.

Runny Egg Php 55.00
Not all ramen places serve this kind of egg but theirs was really good. I loved how they have prepared it similar to that of Ippudo's!

Poop of the gods Php 135.00
Do not be fooled by the name of this one-of-a-kind dessert because I liked it! The combination of Belgian Chocolate and Sea-salt was perfect for me. To fully enjoy, spread the sea-salt evenly before eating because you might find some portions of it salty.

You can follow them in Twitter and FB! At the back of this, they actually wrote that you can tell them when something really went wrong with your ramen experience with them
Wrong Ramen Menu
Even though my travel time from home to BGC is an hour away (that's during weekends), I'd love to come back and try their other ramen dishes. I do hope that they open a branch in north area soon!

Wrong Ramen is located at U-F124 Forbes Retail, Forbestown Center,
Rizal Drive cor. Burgos Circle, Taguig City
They are open from 11:00am until 12:00 mn
Telephone: (02) 823 8249

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