Sunday, November 24, 2013

Prestiz Android Dongle: Turn Any TV into a Smart TV

Computers now are very affordable. In fact, you can own a netbook for as low as 10,000 pesos! Depending on your requirement, you can even buy an Android tablet and still get a full PC experience like what I did with the Acer Iconia (

Some unbranded tablets that runs Android OS nowadays can even cost as low as 4 to 5 thousand pesos and mind you, those tablets can run word processing softwares and maybe a spreadsheet plus more but don't expect the same smooth user experience when compared to using a laptop or a desktop computer. Those tablets are more about convenience than a smooth user experience.

In short, the more popular computer or computer-like devices we have now are desktop pc's, laptops, netbooks, tablets, phablets (phone + tablet) and smart phones. There's this one particular device that didn't get much attention -- android dongles. Actually, this is already an evolved version. It first started with android box tv. It has the same concept but it was as big as half a size of a normal DVD player. It's a device that when you attach to any television becomes a smart TV using the Android OS. The android dongle is similar but 100x more convenient because it's as big as a USB bluetooth dongle or a thumb drive and what you do is you connect it to any TV with HDMI connection and that's it! That TV now becomes an android smart tv!

Prestiz Android Dongle
Why would you want to have one?
1) It turns any TV with HDMI connection into Smart TV. You don't need to buy those expensive TVs just to be able to access the internet. A few years back when I got my smart TV, the difference between a non-smart TV and a smart TV is somewhere around 15000~20000 pesos.

2) It's very affordable. As I said, the difference indicated above (#1) is around 15k pesos and that still depends on the brand and other extra features. The android dongle I got just costs 2,800 pesos only and the good thing here is, I can use this android dongle and transfer it to any TV I want to use it in!

3) Android on your TV! If you get a smart TV, you'll be limited to the features that TV has even though it's a smart TV. You can browse all you want, use some apps made for your TV but you can never have the flexibility of using an Android OS on your TV.

My remote keyboard and mouse
4) Accessories are easy to buy. In fact, you may even have an accessory for your android dongle already that you don't know! What I did with mine is I used my android phone and downloaded a remote keyboard app. I also did the same with the android dongle by downloading that same app in Google Play and now, I use my phone as a wireless keyboard! What's better is that if you have a wireless mouse + wireless keyboard, the android dongle recognizes those devices and now, you can use any TV as your monitor and control it wirelessly! (You can also use the track pad feature of the app BUT the android device you are using as control must be rooted)

Actual unit. The port on the lower right is for the micro-USB
5) Built-in WiFi. Other TVs, even though they sell it as Smart TV doesn't have built-in WiFi. You still have to buy from them a separate WiFi accessory and most probably, your TV won't have Bluetooth connection unless it's high end. With the android dongle that I got, not only do you get a built-in WiFi, you also get a built-in Bluetooth!

6) Other than games, there are tons of useful and educational apps via the android market aka Google Play. Just a quick example, TED talks has an app where you can listen to educational and inspirational talks from speakers around the world. There's also this international TV app where you can watch live streaming of shows. In fact, you don't even need to subscribe to a cable provider if you want to because the entertaining and educational programs are endless via Youtube and other apps available in the market.

7) Portability. It's smaller than your smart phone, you can bring it wherever you go!

Given all those reasons, I can't find a reason on why you must not have one. It's also the perfect gift to give this Christmas! Innovative, useful and something new!

Below are some photos of my Prestiz Android Dongle:
All that included in the package. USB, charger, HDMI extension.
Actual unit with movable antenna
HDMI extension. Perfect for those that have a hard time reaching the back of their TVs
USB power cord with a USB slot. 
I use this generic wireless mouse and attach it to the USB port (the one above this photo)
The packaging - Prestiz TD6333
Information written at the back
Using this on a 46" TV. Resolution not bad!
Check out the dongle I am using and I highly recommend:

You can also buy the Prestiz Android dongle at the following stores:
(Appliance Stores)                   (PC Shops)                                           (Online)
Anson                                      PC Express (Selected branches)            Lazada
Automatic Center                     Accent Micro
Robinsons Appliance

If you have questions, feel free to drop in your message and comment below. I'd be glad to answer them.

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