Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thinkware FXD700 Car DVR (Unboxing)

With a lot of modus and not-so-honest people lurking around this Christmas season, it is but just right to report them. What makes it hard is the documentation part because you won't be recording what you see 24-hours a day, right? Well, now you can while driving. A lot of car DVRs are available in the market but it's hard to find the one that will actually work when you need it and what extra features that are crucial to have. (It will also be useful in other scenarios, fyi)

Just recently, the guys from Uncharted Corp (distributor) was kind enough to lend me a review unit of their highend car DVR called the Thinkware FXD700. Basically, it works like a CCTV camera but for cars and sort of work like those used by police in the US (dash cam). It also acts as a car black box.

I will be making a full review of it soon but first, let me show you what's inside the box:
(Update: Full review here:

Box Contents:
(1) Thinkware FXD700
(1) Device holder
(1) Micro USB Power Cable (Directly connected to your car battery)
(1) 16GB MicroSD Memory card and adaptor
(3) Cable holders
(1) User manual

Here's the actual unit:

When installed, here's how it looks like:

Full review here:

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