Monday, December 2, 2013

Get the New iPhone 5s/5c via Smart Freedom Plan

Sometimes, people feel better not being on a 24 or 30-month lock-in contract with their carriers. Honestly, the perks are better when on those plans but since it's not everyone's cup of tea, Smart has this postpaid plan that works like a prepaid but better. To know more about Freedom Plan, check out:
Other than the perk of getting an iPhone unit via the Freedom plan (with cash out), here are other pluses that goes with it:
- No 24 or 30-month lock-in
- Free 250mb per month of Always On 300 for the first 12 months
- No MSF. Since it's on Freedom plan, you only pay for what you use. (If for example, you are on Plan 500 and you didn't use it, you still have to pay 500)
- Spend limit is increased from 600 to 1500. No bill shock!
- Perfect for those who doesn't want any postpaid commitments.

For the iPhone, you can pay via cash, card (straight or installment). *no 0% interest offers unless offered by your bank. Also, I just found out that from the original announcement they made on November 15, Smart further decreased the price of their Freedom plan and prepaid units. The price decrease ranges from 500-1200 pesos.

For those getting the iPhone 5s/5c via Freedom plan, you will receive an SMS similar to this:
You have received AlwaysOn300 for FREE! Enjoy 250mb of mobile surfing valid for 30 days. Txt STATUS to 9990 for FREE to know the status of registered Flexibundle/s.

Another great feature is that you will also receive notifications to warn you about,
> low balance warning notification (if remaining balance is below 5mb worth of mobile surfing)
> depletion text reminder notification (if FREE Always On 300 has been fully consumed)
> pre-expiry text warning notifications (3 days prior to expiry)
> expiry text reminder notification (on expiry day)

There is no carry over though of your 250mb monthly data allocation. After using up your FREE 250mb allocation, you can continue to use by signing up for one of the Smart Postpaid Flexibundles (see options here) or just pay the standard P5 per 15 minutes.

Tip: If ever you just want to use up your free 250mb data, turn of your data by going to
settings > cellular > cellular data (off).

This will prevent your phone from racking up unnecessary charges. By doing this, you won't incur mobile data charges but you can still use your phone to connect to the internet via WiFi.

Here's the updated price:
iPhone 5c

iPhone 5s

and by the way, contrary to what I've read in another site, it is also possible to activate international roaming using your Smart Freedom Plan and also use the unlimited data roaming via Conexus. I've personally tried it a lot of times already. Here are their network partners:

To know more, visit:
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Smart iPhone 5s
Smart Freedom Plan
Apply now for an iPhone 5c 
Apply now for an iPhone 5s

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