Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cause of EDSA Traffic Caught on Car DVR

Every time I pass EDSA and I see the cause of traffic, I always say, "One day, I'll do a video recording of it and show people what the cause of traffic is". And you know what, that day has come! Last Sunday where EDSA should be traffic free because it's a Sunday and not much road repairs are being done, traveling along EDSA should be a breeze. You can easily run from 50-80km/h unlike weekdays where running around 20km/h would be a miracle.

Upon reaching Guadalupe southbound, there was already a build up. It went on until after the Guadalupe church and it was very unusual for a Sunday. Lo and behold. I finally caught on video the cause of the traffic.

Everytime. If it's not because of buses, it's because of jeepneys. I wonder when they will start being disciplined. They stop whenever and wherever they want. They have yellow bus lanes but still overtake each other. Crash after crash, accidents after accidents, these drivers do not care about their passengers. Just about how much their take home money will be. That's understandable but being in the public transport business, it shouldn't be that way. Would you ride another bus or jeep thinking it'll be your last ride? No right?

Another footage I want to capture is one of those abusive ASBU (Anti-smoke belching units) famous in Makati. It's so funny how they flag down private vehicles whose cars doesn't belch out black smoke but let those buses and jeep freely run with thick black smoke coming out from their mufflers. Kalokohan talaga. This is also one of the causes of traffic.

This video is captured using a Thinkware FXD700 from Uncharted Corp. Check out my blog for the review of it soon!

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