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Evoluzn Tablets: Affordable Gadgets without Compromise

Evoluzn is a fairly new company that started last March 2012 in Schaumburg, Illinois USA. Their goal is to build products that majority of the consumers can afford without compromising on the features, looks and the quality of the device.

Some of their products include pocket Wi-Fi, routers, Android sticks and UMTS Fixed Wireless Terminal With Integrated Wi-Fi Hotspot among others. The one that caught my interest is the wireless phone looking device on the lower right hand corner of the photo. What it does is, you can insert your sim card there and receive calls like you normally do on your mobile phone. The special thing is, you can also get 3G signal and emit WiFi through that device to give access to the internet like a WiFi modem. It's not yet currently available here in the Philippines though and I might be the first one to purchase a unit as soon as it gets here.
CEO of Evoluzn, Mr. Surya
The main product they launched recently was 2 of their newest devices. The 'ZN 8P' tablet and the 'ZN 7V' tablet. Since their goal is to make gadgets affordable without compromise, their official tagline is 'Hi-Tech Made Affordable'. And because of that, they are pricing the first two tablets available in the market at a very affordable price of P8,990 for the ZN 8P and P5,999 for the ZN 7V. You might be thinking now that there are far more affordable tablets in the market. I took a photo of the chart they flashed that night to show you the qualifications of their newest devices. As you can see, the ZN 8P has almost all the best in class hardware and premium grade quality.

The ZN 8P. Just a few mm bigger than the iPad Mini
ZN 8P | P8,990.00
MTK Quad Core A7 processor (1.2 GHz)
Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
8" 1024 X 786 IPS multi touch screen
1080P HD video support
FM radio support
Stereo speakers with K class amplifier
External memory support up to 32GB
Dual 3G sim (Dual standby)
5mp with autofocus camera
2mp front-facing camera
Aluminum case material
5,000mAh battery

Basic info:
It can support 3G video calling, voice calling. It is also optimized for web browsing and entertainment stuff because of the soft touch IPS panel with advanced features such as MIRACAST which is usually available on highend tablets. In terms of battery life, it has 5,000mAh which is bigger than the Apple iPad Mini.

The Evoluzn ZN 7V product information sheet
ZN 7V | P5,999.00
Marvell PX986 Dual Core A9 (1.2GHz)
Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
7" 1024 X 600 capacitive multi touch screen
1080P HDvideo support
8GB internal memory
Highspeed 3G up to 21Mbps (with 3G voice call support)
2mp camera
0.3mp front-facing camera
Scratch resistant glass
3,000mAh battery

Basic info:
As the more affordable version, this tablet gets the work done without very highend features. Take note though that it doesn't mean that it is useless in terms of function because like the ZN 8P, it also has MIRACAST, GPS and high quality scratch-resistant screen among others.

They also explained that the design team did not see a need for an 8" or less tablet to have a screen that has 1280 X 800 resolution because of the size. Further more, the 1024 X 768 does the job well at 8". These are the minor decisions they have made to cut the price of the tablet without compromising on the actual features. In fact, their high-end model (ZN 8P) is comparable to some branded tablets that costs twice or more in the market having just very minor differences (e.g. 1024 X 768 vs 1024 X 800) which adds cost and weight.

As part of their Christmas promo, you'll also get a free Bluetooth headset with your purchase of the said devices. They are currently available in stock at MemoXpress stores in Metro Manila. After sales service and support is offered via MemoXpress as well.

To know more, visit their website at:

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