Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thinkware FXD700 Car DVR: How The Shock Sensor Works

A month ago, I got myself a Thinkware FXD700 and here's my review about it (Review). So far, I'm really enjoying using this nifty device. Other than the main purpose of documentation and evidence recording, you also get to upload interesting clips making your daily drive more interesting than the usual. (and maybe expose street goons and smoke belchers).

Take this video for example. I captured an inconsiderate motorcycle driver running over a cat.

One of the features of this device is the event recording. It utilizes the built-in impact sensor so the video will be saved in a separate folder that won't be overwritten. The sensor will activate when it detects shocks upon impact, say for example, a collision or a pot hole, which is more often than not the case in Metro Manila. When activated, it will save the video from -10 seconds and +10 seconds after the activation. To give you an example, here are two videos I took over the weekend. Try to listen for the beeping sound in the video. That is the moment the shock was detected by the sensor because of uneven road. As mentioned before, this doesn't normally happen when I'm in the city because I try to drive as carefully as possible but it activates a lot along EDSA because you drive a bit faster and you won't have a lot of chances to avoid pot holes (because it is literally everywhere).

In this video, I'm enjoying the car's 'auto cruise' mode. Auto cruise is only useful when you're along Skyway or SCTEx. Never will you be able to use it along EDSA because of traffic and pot holes every few meters.

This video was taken somewhere along South Luzon Expressway (Southbound).

Honestly, I was planning to upload better videos than this. What happened? My device has a 16GB memory card. I drove the whole day yesterday and today and sadly, the 16GB was only able to save videos starting from this morning. It already looped over the videos yesterday so I took some clips off the 'event recording' folder in which the video clips are saved separately because of the impact sensor.

Might buy a 32GB for this device soon to prevent this from happening again. By the way, if you have several cars, you can just buy additional windshield mounts so you can transfer this device easily to other cars. It costs P200 each (price may change).  Will continuously upload video clips in my Youtube channel and blog.

If you want to know more about the Thinkware FXD700, contact the local distributor here in the Philippines:

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