Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mobile Gaming: Gunz Dash for iOS and Android by WeChat

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Playing games have been part of our childhood memories but honestly, games are age-less entertainers. People play it for different reasons but majority do so not only to pass the time but to play out their alter-world fantasies.

If you've been a fan of classic arcade games such as Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Sonic and more, you are surely going to rekindle your gaming memories when you try Gunz Dash.

Gunz Dash is developed by the innovative mobile social communications application developer WeChat.  They are not taking the usual route by sticking to the messaging app only but instead, they are developing the social aspect of it and for this instance, you can compete and compare scores with your WeChat friends.

The game starts by letting you choose a hero of your choice from the cute and clumsy kattie, blonde beauty Nikita and strong Leo.  You can then equip them with weapons, armors and other gears as well as a vehicle to help them with their missions. The music is also customizable to suit your gaming experience.

Download WeChat for: iOSAndroid OS
This is just one of the newest games from WeChat. I suggest that you download it and experience it for yourself. I will also be playing it and we can be WeChat friends or compare scores through the comment section! Screenshot or not true!

To download the game, see download link below:
Download Gunz Dash via: iOS / Android OS (Click to enlarge photo)
To learn more about the WeChat 5.1 update, check out my blog about it here:

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Amiel Guiteng said...

May princess din ba to sa dulo ng game, Tonio? Like Mario? Hehe. Nakakatuwa.