Thursday, January 16, 2014

WeChat: All-in-One Messaging App for iOS and Android (5.1 update details)

No other messaging innovates as fast as WeChat. Just released last January 2011, WeChat is now more than just a messaging app. They are a trendsetter in the world of mobile apps specially in terms of messaging. Having heard of their future plans, there is no doubt that they will surpass other messaging apps out there in no time. As a matter of fact, WeChat is now the most searched social messaging app according to Google Trends (Philippines) and the third most searched item in general category.

With their most recent update, WeChat version 5.1 gives you the ability to add up to 100 members in a group chat! You can do this by clicking the 'upgrade to 100 members' button on your group chat and you can upgrade up to two groups to accommodate 100 friends each!  Now, that's some planning! Even the senate has a hard time getting a quorum on members! Maybe they can all use WeChat, huh?

New WeChat Games: Gunz Dash, Day's Match and Wreckless Driver.
Challenge your WeChat friends by playing WeChat games! They have three new games namely Gunz Dash, 2Day's Match and Wreckless Racer. These games range from 2d action packed games to simple but interesting matching games to heart-stopping racing games that can will surely entertain you depending on your preference. Below are screen shots with a brief definition of what you can expect in the mentioned games:
Download Gunz Dash via: iOS / Android OS (Click to enlarge photo)
Download 2Day's Match via: iOS / Android OS (Click to enlarge photo)
WeChat StoryCam (Apple Appstore / Google Play)
Another app released by WeChat is the StoryCam. It can let you edit your photos and add the 'what', 'where', and 'when' aspect of it! Not only that, you can also add watermarks to your photo, current weather and more! This app is very flexible and the best thing about it, it's free! You can also use 13 free photo filters to add effects to your photos! Flex your creativity with this app and share photos easily with WeChat friends, on WeChat Moments or by email!

Other WeChat 5.1 updates:
-You can now save your favorite text and voice messages via cloud. This is the first cloud-based service on mobile social communications apps.
-You can now use WeChat by registering using your e-mail address.
-You can now integrate your Google contacts to your WeChat contacts.
-This version supports the latest versions of both iOS and Android OS.

WeChat has evolved from a simple messaging app to an app that is capable of entertaining you to an app that is feature packed to what is downright useful. I don't know know what else they'll add in their next update but I sure am excited! What will it be? Something that controls your Android TV box or your appliances maybe? We'll see. *wink*

Download the latest version of WeChat now!

Download WeChat for: iOS/ Android OS
For more information, check out WeChat's website at

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