Friday, January 17, 2014

Smart Infinity Lifestyle App Features [iOS and Android]

Smart's premium postpaid 'Smart Infinity' recently launched their Smart Infinity Lifestyle App. This app will cater to their Infinity subscribers to further more ease their mobile experience. This app houses almost everything the Infinity subscriber might need and more.

First, subscriber can easily contact his/her Inifinty Management Officer (IMO) with just one click by either SMS or call. No need to save or memorize any number because once you are logged in, all those information that you need is just a button away. Another cool feature is that you can also easily call Smart Infinity's worldwide concierge. They will help you with your lifestyle needs here and abroad. In case you want to know more about the concierge service, I took the liberty to ask a few questions. They said that the concierge can help you book your flights, hotel, get you your musical or concert tickets and even have flowers shipped to whomever you want -- perfect for the upcoming valentines day! For the payment though, the merchant will be the one to get in touch with you and it'll most probably be paid using credit card. I also asked which service is the most requested so far as per their experience. They said that a lot of their subscribers ask them to do restaurant reservations. That's helpful enough for me because I've experienced trying to reserve for a dinner which took me the whole afternoon just to get through.

The Smart Infinity hotline is also saved in the app. It's not that hard to remember the hotline but when senior moment strikes, it's there whenever you might need it. You can also see real-time snapshots of your account details at any time. Since majority of Infinity users are international roaming users too, they also included a complete directory of countries with their respective sms, calls and data roaming rates! No need to even call in to inquire!

If you want to check out the available or the nearest Smart store, this is also in the app. For entertainment, Spinnr and ClickPlay links are also embedded in the app. For Apple devices though, it just redirects to Safari. Haven't tried this for Android OS but will ask. Spinnr is such a great app and I've been a premium Spinnr subscriber since day 1. In case the infinity subscriber is interested, they can also subscribe to the available Spinnr packages as complimentary access can only give you 0:30 seconds of preview. (Learn more about Spinnr: )

Smart Infinity Lifestyle App is now available for download via iOS or Android OS. Only Smart Infinity subscribers can fully utilize the app and they can do so by registering using their mobile identification number. This can be found at the back of your simcard and at the back of your simcard case.

Download: iOS / Android
Smart Infinity App Description

For more information, check out:
Mobile: 0918-888-4636

*Infinity management officer is exclusive to Prestige Plan 5000 and Premium Plan 8000 members.
**Regular call rates apply when calling your IMO or concierge. Regular roaming rates apply when international roaming.

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