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Quezon City Chinatown: List of Banawe Restaurants

Last January 31, 2014, Quezon City celebrated the Chinese New Year in the newest Chinatown in Metro Manila. You won't miss the start of it as you'll see an arc similar to all other Chinatown in the world.
This was the first time the Philippine government recognized Chinese New Year as a holiday and I think that this was the first time multiple-celebration as it was also held in Binondo because before, big festivities like this only happen in Binondo (Where the oldest Chinatown in the world is)

Below is list of restaurant in Banawe. There are currently 127++ of them listed down there. If you are going to eat in 3 of them each day, it'll take you more than a month to try each one of them. Not to mention double or triple establishments like Ersao, Starbucks, Mcdonalds, Jollibee etc.

Here are the QC Chinatown Banawe Restaurants (updated Jan 29 2014):
Adobo Connection (Z Square Mall)
Ajisen Ramen (Along Sto Domingo st near the corner of Maria Clara)
American Cajun Family Resto (Along Retiro)
The Artistocrat Restaurant (Banawe near Sta Teresita College)
Bake and Joy
Banawe Bakery
Belline Eatery
Betty's (Along Biak na Bato near P Florentino)
Bodhi (Banawe near Del Monte)
Bon Chon (Z Square Mall)
Buffalo's Wings N' Things (Banawe between Del Monte and Sgt Rivera)
Bugis Singapore Street Food (Along N Roxas)
Burger King (Quezon Ave cor Kanlaon)
Cafe Dominic (Along Biak na Bato near Quezon Ave)
Cafe Monaco (Near Banawe corner Retiro)
Caffe Dolce (Banawe Near Sta Catalina St)
Cake2Go (Banawe near Calamba St)
Capreal Cafe and Restaurant (Along Maria Clara)
Causeway Seafood Restaurant (Banawe corner Del Monte)
Chatime (Along Retiro)
Chado the Tea Room
Chef Vince's Kitchen
Coral Garden (Along Banawe near Kabignayan)
Shanghai Hand Pulled Noodles
Chef's Noodle
Chef Robert (Along Banawe)
Chicken Charlie (Along Banawe)
Chinatown's Best Food (Along Banawe near Don Manual)
Coozy Sizzlers
Country Chicken (Along Retiro near D Tuazon)
Dang Dee Fast Food (Along Maria Clara st)
Dezaato Pan (Banawe corner Sct Alcaraz)
Dolor's Kakanin (Banawe near Retiro)
Domino's Pizza
Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food (Along Maria Clara)
Elarz Lechon (Along Quezon Ave corner Speaker Perez)
Eng Ho Bakeshop
Ersao (3 branches, near Erod, near Retiro, and one between Del Monte and Sgt Rivera)
Everything at Steak  (Banawe between Del Monte and Sgt Rivera)
Feng Wei Wee
Fook Yuen
Fresh Selection
Formosa Bakery (Banawe near Sta Teresita College)
Frostea Milk Tea (Along Maria Clara)
Fu Chi Dumplings (Along Banawe near Sct Alcaraz)
Gavino's Japanese Donuts and More (Along Banawe between Sct Alcaraz and Sta Catalina st)
Gerry's Grill (Along Del Monte near corner of Banawe)
Goldilocks (Along Retiro near the corner of D Tuazon)
Gong Cha
Good Season Bakeshop
Grill Prince (Along Banawe near Erod)
Hanoba (Along Maria Clara)
Ho-Land Chinese Delicacies (Along Mayon near Sct Alcaraz)
Icebergs (Along Banawe near Retiro)
Iloco's Finest
Ineng's (Z Square Mall)
Jollibee (Mayon corner D Tuazon, Maria Clara corner Banawe)
Jonas (Along Mayon near the cor of Retiro)
JT's Manukan Grille (Along Sct Alcaraz)
Kabigting's Halo-Halo
Kaffe Caffe (Banawe corner Maria Clara)
Kainan sa Maharlika
Kao-Chi Restaurant
Katsu Cafe (Along Maria Clara)
KFC (Mayon corner D Tuazon)
Kimpo Tea House
King Chef (Banawe between Del Monte and Sgt Rivera)
King Crab House (Along Retiro)
Kulpy Chicken
KungFu Chicken
Lam Tin Tea House (Along Banawe near Quezon Avenue)
Le Ching Tea House (Banawe corner Del Monte)
Liloan's Pride Liempo
Ling Nam (Banawe near the corner of Sct Alcaraz)
Lord Stow's Bakery
Love Desserts (Banawe between Del Monte and Sgt Rivera)
Luck Garden (Quezon Ave cor Kanlaon, along Kanlaon)
Lucky Rainbow Sharksfin and Seafood Restaurant (Z Square Mall)
Lucky Tea (Banawe near Sct Alcaraz)
Maki Haus (Banawe near Retiro)
Mandarin Sky Seafood and Shabu Shabu (Banawe in front of Sta Teresita College)
Mang Inasal (D tuazon corner Retiro)
Mann Hann (Z Square Mall)
Nan Xiang Seafood
Ma Mon Luk (Quezon Ave near Banawe)
Max's Restaurant (Near orthopedic)
Mcdonald's (Near orthopedic, Banawe corner Quezon Avenue, Retiro corner D Tuazon)
Monte Villa's Food Place (Banawe near Calamba st)
Movenpick Bakeshop
Mr Poon's (Banawe corner Sta Catalina)
Myons French Mediterranean Cuisine (Along Mayon near the corner of Calamba st)
Muang Thai (Banawe near Calamba St)
North Park (Banawe near Retiro)
Octoboy Japanese Sizzling Pizza (Banawe near Retiro)
Pancake House
Pancit ng Taga Malabon
Peter Pan Bakeshop
Pizza Hut
Razon's of Guagua (Banawe near Maria Clara)
Red Ribbon (Along Retiro near D Tuazon)
Rolling Pot Shabu Shabu
Ruffo's Tapa (Along Retiro near the corner of Mayon)
Sanhoucal Steak and Coffee Bar
The Original Savory (Along Del Monte near Banawe)
Sentosa Singaporean Restaurant (Banawe corner Sct Alcaraz)
Serenitea Capt Pepper (Banawe near corner of Sct Alcaraz)
Shakey's (Apo corner D Tuazon)
Shang Tsu
Shin Tian
Shuin (Along Maria Clara)
Simple Line (Banawe between Del Monte and Sgt Rivera)
Sincere (Along Banawe corner Don Manuel)
Soon Hyieng
Starbucks (Retiro corner Speaker Perez, Banawe between Del Monte and Sgt Rivera)
Suka at Sili (Along D Tuazon corner Don Manuel)
T-Cup Zone
Tapa King
Tasty Dumplings (Along Retiro near Banawe)
Tazza Cafe (Along Maria Clara)
Tea Concoctions
Tea Rock Cafe  (Banawe between Sct Alcaraz and Sta Catalina)
Tempura Japanese Restaurant (Banawe corner Sct Alcaraz)
Teriyaki Boy
Thai Cha Yen Cafe
The Bakery
The Original Salido Restaurant (Speaker perez corner D Tuazon)
Tian Pao Wan (Along N Roxas)
Tides Grill (E.rod Cor Matimyas)
Tramway (Along Sct Alcaraz near Banawe)
Tsoko Nut Batirol
UCC Viena Cafe (Along Banawe near Don Manuel)
Vegetarian Dinner Club (P Florentino St near Quezon Avenue)
Wan Chai Tea House and Seafood Restaurant (Along Banawe near Del Monte)
What the Tea (Along Maria Clara)
Yellow Cab (Along Banawe near Maria Clara)
Yoh Froz (Banawe between Sct Alcaraz and Sta Catalina)
Zen Tea (Along N Roxas)
Zhu Kitchen (Z Square Mall)

Let me know if I wrote something wrong. The locations listed above beside the restaurant names are not searched but based on what I remember.

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