Thursday, January 23, 2014

Smart Family Ties Plan - Details and Features

Launched recently, the Smart Family Ties plan is a group plan that offers 3 lines and 3 smartphones under just one plan. Smart Family Ties plan was specifically launched with the needs of the families in mind -- to be connected and thus, literally improving family ties.

“Aside from the guaranteed call and text connection provided by Smart’s reliable and most extensive network, the family can now enjoy more life-enriching applications and more online communication options through the free bundled smartphones and the free data allocation for each line,” said Kathy Carag, head of Smart’s postpaid business group.

They launched this plan to address the needs of their subscribers and for this one, addressing the needs of the family which needs to be connected most of the time.

Smart Family Ties Plan 900
Under the plan 900, you'll be given unlimited calling within the family circle PLUS unlimited SMS to all Smart subscribers and 200 free texts to all networks. Included also is an allocation of 100mb worth of data for each line.

Smart Family Ties Plan 1800
For the plan 1800, each line gets unlimited calls and texts to all Smart subscribers plus 200 free SMS to other networks. For the data, they'll get 300mb of free data for each line.

In case you are more than 3 in the family, subscribers have the option to add up to six additional lines per subscription. You just need to add P300 per line for the Plan 900 or add P600 per line for the Plan 1800. All additional lines will also get free smartphones. With this line, you can also avail of the Smart flexibundles that can further help you live more by maximizing the services that you get and at the same time, maximing the savings as Smart Flexibundle buckets are designed to give your more services for less cost. (More details about Smart Flexibundles)

Free smartphones under the Smart Family Ties Plan
O+ USA 8.2
O+ USA 8.31
Lenovo A269i
Alcatel Magic
Lenovo A369i
O+ USA 8.37

Other advantages
Smart is thinking one step further by making sure that kids that receive this phones will be using it responsibly. With this, Smart is partnering with worldwide telco leader Vodafone to promote responsible and safe use of smartphones among young children. Phones with Android OS availed under Smart Family Ties Plan will come with pre-installed Vodafone Guardian App that is designed to give parents the power to control the following:
-Set SMS and caller permissions
-Filter contacts
-Block or restrict selected smartphone features
-Install parental settings
-Set passwords
and more!

Smart is the first to launch this kind of app in Asia because of their partnership with Vodafone for exclusive marketing rights.

Check out the official video for the Smart Family Ties Plan:

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