Monday, April 21, 2014

Music Streaming: The New Way to Enjoy Music

Just last week, I watched a video on how kids nowadays react to the Walkman. For me, it's a no-brainer to operate it because it was the "iPod" in my generation. The kids in that video had a wide range of reactions ranging from not knowing what that thing is to not knowing how to put the cassette tape in and more. Watching that, I realized one thing. Even though things change, our love for music throughout the generations is a common denominator.

After Walkman aka portable cassette players, Sony came out with Discman aka portable CD players. After that, Apple introduced the iPod. This revolutionized music players and after that, all sorts of MP3 players came out in the market. Shortly after, smart phones gained the capability of being the all-in-one utility. What's next?

In the Philippines, a new wave of revolution is fast approaching. In other countries like the US, this has been the trend for some time already -- music streaming. The thing is, we associate the word streaming with buffering, slow loading etc. In fact, some of us are already allergic to that word because in this day and age, we want everything to be instant -- and that is what music streaming is all about. (Check out the infographic at the end of this post)

Advantages of Music Streaming
- It won't take up space in your phone
- No need to download
- Your music library is always up-to-date
- Search easily as files are organized for you
- Wide range of genre and songs from old to new

Disadvantages of Music Streaming
- Needs WiFi or mobile data to access*
- Needs subscription to the streaming service

Here in the Philippines, Spinnr is one of the best music streaming app and they are the first in the country to provide such service (and the only pinoy-made). The free service allows you to listen to a short clip only but the real cool thing about Spinnr is, if you subscribe, it just costs P2.50 a day. With that, you will be able to access the entire library and listen to full albums and music tracks. The best thing? You do not even need to pay for your own internet because with that 2.50 a day fee, it includes mobile data already that allows you to listen to music for the entire 24 hours!

Another awesome NEW feature of Spinnr is the offline mode. This allows you to play music even when not connected to the internet. Spinnr somewhat "caches" the music that will allow you to play it when internet is not available (e.g. during flight) and the best thing about all this? Reputable music streaming services like Spinnr is legal.

Try it out!
Download via Google Play for Android:
Download via Appstore for iOS:

Check out this infographic about Music Streaming below

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