Saturday, April 5, 2014

Acer Iconia W4: First Impressions

So far, I'm really enjoying this device. This device has been with me for what? 2 days? Of course, I cannot fully tell you yet the Pros and Cons but I'm here to detail to you my first impressions.

Out of the box, it does look like an Acer Iconia W3 which I reviewed 3rd quarter last year (link here). The only difference you can immediately notice is the color. Also, the review unit I got this time came with a bluetooth-case keyboard which is REALLY handy. It might seem small but having a full windows portable device wouldn't be as easy to use without one. Previously, I used my Apple wireless keyboard with it. It was comfortable, yes because it was a full size keyboard but it was not convenient. With the case+ keyboard option, you can now bring it with you anywhere without looking awkward.

One thing I noticed is the screen sometimes flicker. I immediately did a search on it and found out several solutions which I will indicate in my full review. It did lessen it from once every few minutes to once every few hours.

The keyboard needs a bit getting used to. If you have big fingers, you might want to try using one first before getting it. I categorize my fingers as small to medium and I still sometimes hit the wrong key. Some keys that I use often like the quotation marks, " ' ", and " + " needs you to press the "Fn" button to use it. Similarly, the "Home" and "End" button needs you to press "Fn" to activate it as well.

Using a mouse, you need to use the microUSB to USB female converter as the device doesn't have a USB port due to its size. I was able to use a wireless mouse with it like previously done with the Acer Iconia W3.

Battery life so far is impressive. I have been able to use it for work, developing websites and editing images plus browsing on the side. This is a MUST HAVE if you travel often and if you need a full windows PC to work.

More about the device on my full review. Let me just enjoy a classic game of Transport Tycoon Deluxe I installed on this device.

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