Friday, May 16, 2014

First look: LG G2 Mini LTE version

As all things become more and more modern, so does mobile phone ownership. In fact, Smart and Sun has seen  an 18% jump in smartphone ownership in the first quarter of 2014 alone. This is due to the availability of smartphones out there. One of the newest devices is the LG G2 Mini. Starting May 13, 2014, Smart announced the exclusive availability of the LG G2 mini LTE version free on Postpaid Plan 1200. This is one of the most affordable LTE-equipped mobile phones available in their roster as it comes with unlimited LTE surfing allowing you to maximize your phones potential.

With the plan 1200, 995 of it goes to unli LTE and the rest is either consumable or you can choose from the available call and text bundles. Also, Smart has a great offer! You can also get the LG quick window casing for free is you subscribe (Available while it lasts. Please check with the store first)

Knock code
Some notable features of this phone are the ff:
Knock Code - Derived from the previous version which just wakes up the phone, the knock code is an evolved version combining both wake up plus a passcode prior to accessing the phone from standby mode. This ensures maximum security as there are tens of thousands of code combinations possible (also similar to numeric passcodes) only, you enter the code using a "knock" combination.

Selfie flash
Selfie flash - Suitable for a selfie nation like ours, it's really just the front camera utilizing the white backlight coming from the surrounding frame on your screen. It's not like the front camera has a flash.

Guest mode - Perfect for people who always lends their phone to someone else. By entering the guest mode, the guest would have to enter a different code (from standby mode) to access the phone and by doing this, personal files are restricted and not accessible.

Plug and pop - A feature in which once your earphones are plugged-in, audio and video related apps are automatically launched. Not a feature that I am very excited about though.

HD Voice - This phone is already HD voice-capable. It's a technology also available from Smart that makes the quality of calls MUCH clearer, specially those confusing, similarly sounding letters like "s", "m" and "p". I've already heard the actual difference and it's really better and crystal clear. Not as clear as if you are actually there but near enough. To make it work, you have to statisfy 3 conditions. 1, the network has to be HD voice capable (Smart is), 2, the caller's phone must have the HD voice feature and 3, the receivers phone must also be HD voice capable.
(In a more techie term, this technology captures the 50Hz - 7,000Hz speech bandwidth compared to the usual narrowband technology that can only capture 300Hz - 3,400Hz.)

All that new feature are run by a 1.2GHz quad core processor with 1GB of RAM and with an Andoird Kitkat 4.4 OS out of the box. Internal storage is 8GB and it comes with an 8-megapixel rear camera. Battery has 2,400mAh and is user replaceable.

Interested? Get the LG G2 Mini LTE free from All-In Plan 1200 with a P2,000 one-time fee upon subscription. The unit is also available at Plan 999 with a P4,776 one-time cash out or P199 on top of their monthly fee for 24-months. Just choose the best option suited for you.

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