Thursday, May 15, 2014

Changing Status with Various Government Agencies

After 2 years, it was only now that I get to update and change all my status with the many government agencies. Instead of having the accountant or messenger do it, I decided to do it on my own. 

Here are a few documents that you will need to bring to be able to support your change of status:
1. Original Copy of your marriage certificate. Make sure that it's NSO certified one.
2. Photocopy of your marriage certificate
3. Identification Card (you may also need to bring photocopy in case they ask for one)
4. Original birth certificate (NSO certified one) with a photocopy - in case you are not yet a permanent member for them to be able to change your status to a permanent one.
5. Duly-filled forms - you can ask for these forms from the government agency
6. Your unique Identity Number

For SSS (Social Security System)
It is always best to go to the branch where your employer is. I personally went there to accomplish two things: (1) To File Change of Status and (2) To Notify the agency that I am pregnant.

For Changing of Status:
You will need to fill-in Form E-4 (Member's Data Amendment), specifically the change in civil status portion. You will be required to present your Original Copy of Marriage Certificate but they will only ask you to surrender a photocopy of it to be included in their file. 

For Maternity Notification:
You will need to fill-in the SSS Maternity Notification Form in 2 copies: 1 to be submitted to SSS and the other one for your file and this is to be included  when you are to claim your maternity reimbursement after you have given birth.
You will also be required to submit proof that you are pregnant. Do bring with you your baby's ultrasound photos.

I was blessed to be able to finish earlier than expected and during these two steps, I was not fast-tracked because I was pregnant. It was around 4 when I finished and decided to take advantage of the remaining time and applied for the new UMID card (Unified Multi-Purpose ID). You will need to verify first with them whether you are qualified to apply for the ID - they will check whether you have made the minimum number of contributions required. Once you are qualified, you will be given an application form to be filled and then queue back for them to process your ID. This was were I got the edge because there was no need for me to queue again after filling-up the form. The SSS staff immediately processed my application and was instructed to proceed to the ID picture-taking section. I was informed that the UMID will be sent to my house address within the next 30 days and true enough, I was able to receive the ID within a month.

For Philhealth
You can actually go to any PhilHealth branch to update your status. I chose to go to Quezon Avenue as this is the closest branch to us. We went there around 830 am because I remember my experience years back where I had to spend my entire day (and afternoon too) because the place was packed with so much people when you arrive at a later time. Upon arrival, we were asked by the security personnel of our purpose and we were directed to the mezzanine level. You will be queuing in the information desk where they will be asking you your purpose, give you the necessary forms and give you a number to be called. Because I am pregnant, they were kind enough to give me a priority number and instructed me to head to the express lane for senior citizens as my number will be called there. It took me less than 5 minutes to fill-in the form and my number was immediately called. It took less than 5 minutes for the officer to encode the necessary info after I submitted my papers and I was given a printout of my updated MDR (Member Data Record). He then told me that I can now have my Philhealth ID printed. In less than 20 minutes, I was able to accomplish everything I needed.

I remember my husband joking around telling me how convenient it was for pregnant women to queue up because there's always a special lane for them - well, carrying a heavy baby inside your tummy is not that easy! At least women get to experience special treatment during these times! ;)

Have a great day everyone!

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