Friday, May 30, 2014

Watch NBA Games LIVE Anywhere on your Mobile Device

Not sure if it needs to be said but it's a no-brainer that basketball is more famous than the national sport of the Philippines, arnis. Be it local or international, majority of the guys here are hooked and a lot of girls either get their free time or no time at all when there are games. Now, there's no need to stay glued at home nor is the excuse "have to stay home, there's a game" valid anymore because you can watch NBA Live anywhere with the NBA League Pass!

Since Smart is the official partner of the NBA and Smart Bro is the official mobile broadband partner of the NBA in the Philippines, Smart is offering the all-access NBA League Pass which can be paid for via prepaid load or through your postpaid bill.

What will you get with the NBA League Pass:
* Instant live and on-demand HD access to all games played during the NBA regular season, Playoffs, Finals, All-Star Weekend, and selected preseason games.
* All previously played games during the current and last year’s NBA season will be at their fingertips through the NBA game archive.

NBA League Pass is accessible through mobile or desktop at

Aside from purchasing via ePins, Smart has also bundled the NBA League Pass with new subscriptions.


***Smart is an advertiser in this blog. This article is in no way influenced by it.***
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