Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gaming: Clash of Clans' Shield Value

Other than the shield from the very start of the game, I never availed this. For me, it's simply not worth paying for shield using gems. For those playing the game without purchasing gems using real money, you know how hard it is to earn them.

I made this to make people realize that having a shield is simply not that worth it. Take note that this doesn't apply to all but most will be.

As you are slowly progressing your way to higher levels, you might think that you need shield. Honestly, I can only speak for the level I am currently in only. 8 and below? You won't need shield. Here's why:

In the last 3 days I simply placed my town hall outside my protected area (as seen above) and here's my defense log:

If you add it up, I lost 8,441 Gold and 49,266 Elixir. I get a minimum of 12-hour shield per enemy who attacks me and destroys my town hall. Overall, in exchange of that amount, I get myself a 3-day shield. (Check out the earliest attack done by Kris__23 in the image).

In 3 hours, I was able to get back, 1,000,915 Gold and 883,382 Elixirs. In essence, I got my Gold 118x more and more than 10x of elixir that I lost.

Of course, the amount you will lose depends on the base defense that you have the resources you have left. Bottomline is, shield is something you can get for free, in 12-hour intervals. Other than blogging, this is my other past time. Are you also playing? Want to join our clan? Search for '737' and look for the blue shield with fire (check out the image of the shield below). Happy clashing!:)

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