Friday, June 13, 2014

Aqua Design Amano Nature Aquarium

Right now, I don't own any pets at all. When I was a kid, we used to have love birds, fishes, rabbit, ducklings and even chicks but never a cat or a dog. Last March 2014, I was invited to check out Manila FAME as a blogger and I get to see an aquarium I never thought existed. The Aqua Design Amano.

Introduced in 1990s by Takashi Amano, it takes the pet fishes to a different level. You are actually taking care of a mini ecosystem. If you have a garden, I'm sure you've heard of landscaping. For this one, there is such a thing called Aquascaping. Aquascaping is the craft of arranging aquatic plants, rocks, driftwoods and more inside your aquarium. Takashi Amano's goal is to make your aquarium look as close as how nature would look like. Here's an example:

Photo credits to: ADA Nature Aquarium - Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd
Details of the photo:
World Ranking 0001 (Grand Prize)
Title: Evergreen
Name: Truong Thinh Ngo
Country: VIETNAM
Aquarium Size/W120 x D45 x H40 (cm)

Grand Prize winning entry depicts rough rocky hills made of stones stucked in a panoramic aquarium tank, together with a mountain stream of white cosmetic sand that flows between them. Perspective is well expressed by outstanding composition. Despite its less colorful impression, moss attached to fine branch-like driftwood and also planted between stones helps express a unique natural landscape of rough rocky hills and valleys formed by longtime erosion. In such a landscape in nature, we often see some trees rooted in crevice to cling to the rock and grass and moss grown on a little soil in rock pockets. This work was rated high overall in terms of its skillful expression of actual natural landscape in a planted aquarium.

Here's a video from ADA to appreciate it more:

If you search the net, there are a lot of great layouts available. If you want to see the actual aquarium, I've only seen them at Manila FAME and Landes. According to the ADA staff I talked to, they offer a warranty for the plants and fishes. Now that's a good deal! Not sure though how long. I'll save up for one of these.

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