Thursday, June 12, 2014

All New 2014 / 2015 Toyota Hilux (Photos)

Unlike before, pick-up trucks nowadays are regarded as lifestyle-like vehicles. Gone are the days when pick-up trucks are mostly used for business. Now, their design appeals to a wider market, specifically the guys. When the Ford Ranger was released, I really liked how the Wildtrak looked like. It was then my most favorite pick-up truck and if I were just in the market for one, I would've considered getting it. After remembering ALL the problems I encountered with my current non-Japanese sedan, it reminded me to stick with Japanese brands.

Between all the Japanese brands, my favorites are Honda and Toyota as we've had them the longest. Their trustworthiness is already proven, at least for me. The rest of the brands stayed only for 4-5 years. Between the two, only Toyota offer a pick-up truck here in the Philippines.

That leaves me with the Toyota Hilux. The current model has been face-lifted several times already with the mid-2000 model just changing a bit compared to the late 2000 model to present. I asked my friend who owns a dealership and he said that the new model might come late this year or next year. I, of course, stopped considering the current model since it's already on its way out. I can wait until the end of the year or even one year so I could get the newer model. I'm not in a hurry.

Why do I want a pick-up truck?
- I can lift it even by just 2-inches and add snorkel to it to be a bit more flood-proof. Even without modifications, It's higher than all sedans and most compact SUVs.
- I can use it for my business to deliver finished goods (in case the finished goods would be smelly, it's separated from the main cabin)
- I can transport unusually large things

Disclaimer: This is not my sedan nor is it my photo (Photo from CarScoops)
My main consideration was the flood because as you know it, a few minutes of rain can cause massive flooding here in Manila and my sedan won't do me any good. Okay, I've said too much already. Let me show you the new Toyota Hilux that I found online. This looks like the real deal. AND IT"S AWESOME.

All New Toyota Hilux 2014 / 2015

If you  compare it side-by-side looking at the front grill portion, it is rather highly similar so this might now be the real deal. The new Hilux exudes a look that combines elegance and utility. If this pick-up looks awesome, I can't also wait how the next Toyota Fortuner would look like. Can't wait to see this here in the Philippines.

Spyshots from
Unmasked shot from

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