Saturday, June 7, 2014

Multi-functional Bracket for Tablet PCs

The other day, my friend gave me a nifty tablet accessory. A tablet bracket which you can use to either wall mount, car mount or table mount it. He's not selling them but I can ask for you if you where he got it if you are interested.

Here are the parts in detail:
I attached it to a portable table. Fits great!
The gooseneck. This is the part where you can bend it to suit the angle/ placement that you need.
This is how it secures your device. 2 sets of clamps with 2 arms each.
Other uses for this accessory:
It can hold devices smaller than the iPad and even mobile phones.
If you are relaxing and you often find yourself falling asleep while using iPad (aka iPad falling on your face), this might help! :)

For the car mount, you just use the provided mount and mount it here...

and it should look somewhat like this when in use...

Cool, huh?

Would an accessory like this be useful for you? Where would you use it?

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