Friday, June 6, 2014

What the Spinnr Experience is All About
There was this video that went viral recently showing a guy asking random people to drop 600 pesos in his box. If you were there, would you risk it? If you ask me, I would but not without reason. It's not everyday that you see someone asking for money, well dressed, and in the middle of the mall. Take note that if this weren't legit at all, the first ones to shoo the guy away would be the mall security. (Haven't seen it yet? Check out the video below)

So for a small amount of P600, she got an iPad, iPhone, speakers, concert tickets and some other stuff. The lesson here is, it's not everyday that you are presented with opportunities. If it's in your face, grab it. It might be the only one.

I got to ask some people behind that stunt on why they did that. They said that...
They want to show that the Spinnr experience is about getting much more for a small amount. 
and that Spinnr is more than just streaming music. It's an experience.  

Yup! Check mark for both and also, the reason they asked for 600 pesos is because that's how much a year-long VIP subscription costs when you subscribe to Spinnr. If you have no idea on what Spinnr is, check out the other blog I wrote a couple of months back > [Music Streaming: The New Way to Enjoy Music] Ever since Spinnr started, I've been a subscriber.

Like that stint, Spinnr is also a very good deal! As I was saying, I wouldn't be a subscriber without any good reason. For 49 pesos a month (Less than 600 pesos a year), you get to enjoy quality, legal music from Spinnr! Here's the best part: When you subscribe to Spinnr, the mobile data* you need to listen to music is already included! Other music streaming services might say that they have free this and free that but it doesn't include mobile data. Spinnr is mobile friendly, perfect for those on-the-go and Spinnr will surely let you enjoy listening to music as they have a vast collection of songs and albums in their library.

Believe me, it's really affordable and you'll get more than just the music streaming. You'll also enjoy the experience.
*Mobile data included is only for using Spinnr.

***Smart is an advertiser in this blog. This article is in no way influenced by it.***

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