Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Top 3 Gadget Wants from Lazada Right Now

I drop by Lazada from time to time to check out their deals. On my visit today, I discovered that they are carrying a lot more items now compared to before. This makes gadget hunting for me more convenient as I just need to look for the gadget I want need, buy and have it delivered to my doorstep!

Here are three gadgets I think that is worth my attention now from Lazada:
1) Xiao Mi Mi3 | Php 10,599.00
A really well known brand of smartphone in China, now available in the Philippines but only with a limited quantity! Why does this deserve a mention? Other than the great limited release marketing tactic, this is really a good phone. I've used it and this is one of the cheapest phone you can get in terms of pricing for the specs it has. Other than the unit itself, Lazada is selling some accessories for the Mi3 as well.

Don't forget that Lazada is selling just 2,000 units of the Mi3 starting tomorrow, July 4, 2014 (11am Philippine time). If you want more info on this, check out:

2) Cherry Mobile P1 V3 | Php 799.00
Other than having call and text functions, this phone though very affordable has one very unique feature -- it can connect to your smartphone! What does it mean? If you are outside and you need do make a phone call or send a SMS but you are in a place where it's not that safe that your expensive smartphone might get snatched, this phone will do the work for you. You can use this phone (connected to your smartphone) and make the phone call from here but in reality, you are calling from your smartphone.

It also has its own sim card so you can insert another sim here like a wireless landline sim and this phone just became more useful! I don't have this yet but I plan to get one soon. Not sure though if the messaging (SMS) will work for iOS. For Android devices, I know the SMS function works.

3) JAYS t-JAYS One Noise Isolating Headphones
Unlike the first two which I still do not have, I have this one. This is an underrated headphones. I've been using mine for quite some time now and I recommend it. Other than the sleek and cool design, it really functions well. The bass are deep enough for me and the clarity is superb. If you've seen the packaging, from there, you'll know that this is a premium item already so for the price and actual performance, this is worth your money.

I'm sure I can spend more time browsing Lazada and make this list from my top 3 to top 10 in no time. Head on over to Lazada and make your own list or just check out the available items you might want from them. You can also use the site to compare prizes and remember that if you are really busy, a click of a button gets you the items you want straight to your doorsteps!

Website: Lazada Philippines

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