Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Dad: First Few Weeks

While in the hospital, a friend jokingly told me that I'd be also blogging about this experience. Without batting an eye, I immediately said no. But come to think of it, I do want to blog about it. The experience is unlike any other thing you can experience.

I'm glad that we had a practice session before the actual going-to-the-hospital scene. That week Monday, OB gave a go signal to proceed to the hospital at around 5pm but we were told to grab a bite first. After an hour, OB called and instructed us to just visit her clinic again the next day because wife will just wait for a long time if she went straight to the hospital. Next day, we did exactly that and the go signal was given again. But this time, it was for real. The first go signal did remind us that we forgot to pack some things so when the second and real go signal came, we were more ready.

Our OB was the greatest! She stayed with us from night til the next day. Our friends were saying that our OB was one of a kind as she patiently waited with us. She wanted wife to have normal delivery but circumstances didn't allow so we proceeded for CS. It was a quick operation and she handled it very professionally.

I was inside the operating room when my wife gave birth. I saw most of the actual operation and before entering the OR, the OB said that I will be busy later with the baby that I might not have time with my wife. That was not the case. I was looking at my baby but I was also with my wife half of the time. She was conscious the entire time (even during recovery) and I was glad that everything went well.

Seeing my baby for the first time left me speechless. Mixed feelings gushed in. Happy because I could've never imagined that I now have my little one and worried because wife was not yet stitched up but as I said,  Thank God that everything went well.

Just last week, baby was admitted again because of Jaundice. He underwent photo therapy and we stayed with him for 3-4 days in the hospital.

We are now two weeks in and sleepless nights do not bother me still. My wife and I share tasks and I don't mind waking up in the middle of the night to change diapers or waking up early the next morning for him to get sunkissed. Not true that having a baby gives you sleepless nights. It's more of,  goodbye insomnia because as your body makes contact with your bed, you snooze.

Well, looks like the blog I setup earlier this year ( will be updated more now as this little kiddo of mine is out.

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