Saturday, July 5, 2014

Deezer: Currently the Largest Music Streaming Library in the World

With all the music streaming services out there, it's so hard to choose which one is for you. Deezer is one of them and let me give you some information in this review. This music streaming service has an app in almost all platforms that they said that it's easier to name the app where it is not available than it is. Speaking of availability, Deezer is available in 182 countries (Spotify is only available in 55 countries) and in terms of music library, Deezer is currently the largest and is the most diverse than ANY other music streaming service. We are just in the first paragraph.

Deezer now has the largest music catalogue among all streaming services. In fact, Deezer is ahead by 10,000,000 tracks compared to Spotify. Also, OPM/ local artists are surprisingly available as well! I get to listen to my favorite local artists like Parokya ni Edgar. Deezer is for people of all ages as well. My baby gets to listen to Mozart's classical music while other family members can choose their relaxing acoustic melodies. Doesn't matter if you were born during the 50s as they also have them as well!

As mentioned earlier, it's virtually available almost everywhere! For one, you can simply use almost any web browser like Firefox or Safari or an app in OS X. It has apps in iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian (RIP?), and even in AV equipments from Logitech, Sonos and Jambox. It is also available in BMW's, Mini's and Parrot in-car entertainment systems. Selected Smart TVs also has the app like Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, Philips, and the Sony Home Cinema BluRay system.

One of the best features I discovered was that the social networking integration and it was done excellently. With that, you can check out your friend's playlist or see what they are listening to. You can link it up to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and I'm sure that whatever is upcoming, they can easily be there as well. Another feature that is worth mentioning is the algorithms that they use. Aside from computer-generated music suggestions, they use a mix of music ambassadors and computer algorithms so that the music suggested will make more sense.

And one of the best parts? Audio quality doesn't disappoint. Premium users get 320kbps! You also get features like (Features sourced from Wikipedia)

Flow - This new feature allows users to create an instant and personal radio channel based on what is in your music library and what you have been listening to by just pressing the "Flow" button. Flow looks at the music in your library and what you have been listening to and puts together a perfect music mix for you. Flow is available on Deezer's website and Mobile apps.

Hear This - Hear This allows users to discover music they love with a music feed that's powered by their listening habits, favorite tracks, and Deezer's own Editors.

..and honestly, many more. Possibly the most useful feature is the "sync" as this lets you download the song or album for offline listening. Going abroad? It is also available wherever you are. Deezer has too many awesome features you have to try yourself and I suggest that you take advantage of the FREE 15-day trial that they offer. If you get addicted to it (music addiction is okay. music is life), you can always subscribe but don't forget to take advantage of promos and offers.

Philippine partner for Deezer is Smart. This means that you can pay for your subscriptions through them. More info on this soon as I haven't inquired about this. Go ahead. #DiscoverDeezer for yourselves! Enjoy!
Search for Deezer in the App Store or from Google Play.

***Smart is an advertiser in this blog. This article is in no way influenced by it.***
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