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Fobo Max Wireless Tag - Personal Belonging Watcher Plus GPS Locator

Last year when I wrote about the Fobo Tag, a lot of people inquired through email and personal message about it. Most of the questions ranged from how to charge the device to how can it locate someone via GPS. If you want, you can first visit my other review before reading this one as I won't be repeating some of the information detailed there. Here's the first Fobo Tag review:

The Fobo Tag and the Fobo Tag Max is very similar, except for one feature -- the Web Search Me.

Here's a summary of features of the Fobo Tag and the videos that explains what it does:
FindME (First Feature)
FindME (Second Feature)
RemindME (First Feature)
RemindME (Second Feature)
Don'tMoveME (First Feature)
Don'tMoveME (Second Feature)

Features of the Fobo Tag Max:
All of the above features + WebSearchME

Before I tell you more about WebSearchMe, check out this (dramatic) video.

Basically, the Fobo Tag Max added a crowd sourced search function. They are signing up volunteers and call them angels while Fobo Tag owners get a higher percentage of locating their belongings or loved ones the more angels sign up. Of course, the more people who signs up to be an angel, the more it willbe helpful. Angels do not need to buy a Fobo tag nor do they need to do anything other than download an app. For more details on becoming an angel, check out


As seen in the demo video, as soon as your pet or belongings gets in the range of an angel, it will automatically send you the last location seen. That will definitely be more useful than not having any clues at all. That feature itself is already worth the upgrade or just simply purchase additional tags. I'm sure you'll find a good use for it anyway. Below, I've placed a lot of practical usage for it as I've personally done them.

More information about Fobo Tag:
So far, I've only changed the battery on my blue one once. It reached one year. It uses the CR2450 battery and here in the Philippines, it costs P250 per piece. It only needs 1pc of that to work. I'm not sure if there are cheaper stores that sells such battery but I'm sure there is. How did I know that the battery was out? I didn't. It just didn't work and after a while, I decided to have the batteries changed... AND it worked again.

Where to buy?
Before, I tell my friends to get it in Amazon or ask friends in Singapore or Hong Kong to buy for them. An easier way so far since there are no authorized re-sellers here in the Philippines is to buy through their Fobo online store.

Can you silence it?
So far, no. I haven't tried to set it to vibrate mode only. The alarms it makes usually sounds off.
Apparently, there is a new feature to set “Silent Mode” under Tag Setting. The alarm for RemindME will be silent. All other alarms will continue to sound. To have this feature, please ensure that your FOBO app is the latest version 2.1.2.

Is registration easy?
Yes very. Just follow the instruction on the site or in the included literature when you buy the device. It's also easy to register your devices. You just scan the QR code and multiple devices will also work in one app.

Other practical applications I've tried
-Used the "PromptMe" feature and placed it in my luggage so it will alert me when my bag is approaching me in the airport baggage claim carousel.
-Placed it inside the car not to find my car but sometimes, when I ask other people to park my car, the "FindMe" function is very useful. The person can tell you that he parked your car in the 3rd level but using the "FindMe" function makes it easier.
-Placed it on my bag that contains valuables, like for example, in a conference or an exhibit where you have to do stuff. Of course, talking to clients, your attention will be diverted and once you place the Fobo tag inside your bag and use the "DontMoveMe" feature, your phone will sound off an alarm when someone moves it preventing any thief from even taking one more step.
-If you want to make sure you don't leave something behind, use the "RemindMe" feature. Once your device disconnects to the Fobo Tag's Bluetooth range, it will sound an alarm reminding you that you left something. This is really useful for me as well because I tend to be forgetful at times.

Owning it for more than a year now, I've yet to discover and maximize the other features it has like the SOS feature. But I found a nice explanation about the SOS feature from another site:
When you need to walk into a dark and quiet area, eg. back-street or under-ground car park, you may want a method to alert your family members or friends for help immediately in case you get into danger. With SOS.ME, you can set FOBO tag to watch over you for 15 or 30 minutes. Place the phone in your pocket and hold the FOBO tag in your hand. When you encounter a dangerous situation, just throw the FOBO tag. Once the tag is disconnected from the phone, an SOS alert will be sent out to the list of people you had pre-set to respond to your emergency situation. The SOS alert will also contain your GPS location as well as a 10sec audio recording to allow your helpers to review the actual situation that you are in. In case the FOBO tag is still in your hand, say you’re un-conscious, the SOS alert will be triggered once the 15 or 30 minutes timer is out. For other situations, you may use SOS trigger button in the FOBO app for immediate trigger without using the FOBO tag or timer.

Now, since it's better and more improved, it's always nice to have additional features like the WebSearchMe. You wouldn't know when you will need that feature unless you already need it. In short, having the Fobo Tag Max rather than the ordinary tag is prevention, which is better than cure.

More info?

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