Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brand Used: Thinkware FXD700 Car DVR (After 6 months)

"Brand Used" is a series I created reviewing devices after they have been used after some time as some devices stop working the way they should after a period of time. You can also read about aesthetic wear and tears or maybe even more flaws that a buyer like you should be aware of. The essence of this series is to show you the quality of the product so you'd more or less know if the company creates sh*tty stuff or not.

After a lot of inquiries and comments from readers and friends, I'm happy to have recommended this car DVR to them. A bit pricey than most alternatives, I can so far confirm that the quality of this product is superb! Imagine, baking the car under summer heat, this car DVR is considered the first in line to receive the scorching heat after the windshield itself. I have subjected this device (not intentionally) to the heat for very long hours that sometimes, I cannot even hold the device itself -- and it still works! Nothing warped, no fades, camera quality still clear as day!

One of the disadvantages (not so) I can consider is that you have to clean up the SD card maybe once a month. I've known this from the start because this is actually a feature that you'd appreciate. When recording, it saves the footage in the "continuous recording" folder. Once it senses an impact or shock, it saves it into the "event recording" folder. The latter folder fills up because those files won't be overwritten for security purposes as the intelligent DVR considers those events as important footage. Well, with all the potholes along our roads and highways, do expect it to fill up quickly.

Just a note that once the video footage is saved on the event recording folder, it won't appear on the continuous folder anymore. The continuous folder will be overwritten as the memory card is filled. You'll know it's full when you often hear your car DVR restarting while on use. (There's a voice prompt to let you know that the system restarted -- same script used when switching on the camera)

In these 6 months, I haven't used the parking feature yet because you need to directly connect your car DVR to the car system. I've only been using the cigarette lighter power so I can easily transfer it from one car to the other. To make this easier, extra clips can be purchased through Uncharted corp or maybe their local dealers.

Here are three additional videos I want to show you so you can decide for yourselves if the quality is good enough for you. I know it is for me. Don't forget to watch it in HD to appreciate the quality.

Night time + rain video footage

Cause of Quezon Avenue - Roces traffic

Cruising along North Luzon Expressway

If you noticed, the first two videos makes use of the entire screen while the third one seems to have a margin. This is because the first two weren't edited at all and the last one was edited, but only to put the videos together as the device saves the videos in 1 minute interval. The last video is 5 videos attached together. So as seen, it is better to directly upload the footage as not to alter the video quality. I just have to find a way to piece them together without sacrificing the quality. Will update as I find a work around for this.

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