Saturday, August 30, 2014

Maximize Your Device: Watch TV on it via ViewStream [App Feature: ViewStream]

I've always wanted those China-made phones because they have built-in television on them. Problem is, TV reception is not good in a lot of areas and the battery life on those phones are ridiculously small (and the antenna looks weird too). Now, there's an app for Android called "ViewStream". It might not enable you to watch a lot of channels but you can watch TV5, Aksyon TV, and for sports enthusiasts, this one is for you -- LIVE sporting events right in your phone!

Usually, I just want to watch news but there are times that I am very interested in selected sporting events. With ViewStream, you can watch LIVE sports so you can be updated with every move and every score. The free channels for ViewStream are TV5 and Aksyon TV. For other channels, it's very easy to access the shows. You can pay via prepaid load or have the option to charge it to your bill -- for both Smart, Sun and Talk n Text.
Since this is video streaming, I am not worried on the mobile data speed that I will get as I've been happily using Smart 3G and 4G LTE for quite some time now. I even show my friends how fast it is so they can see firsthand that there's no bull.

Anyway, hope they add more channels and I'd gladly cut-off my home cable subscription which I am subscribed to but don't even watch. The last time I watched cable TV at home was early June? Yeah. I'm paying my cable company that money without anything in exchange. So if this ViewStream can add channels that I'd like or shows that I want to watch (like some live sports), take my money.

Feel free to download the app because it's FREE.

By the way, right now FIBA world cup is on and this is the only way to watch FIBA, LIVE and commercial free for P15.00 /day. Support our Gilas Pilipinas team! Check out this page for more info:

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