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Misfit Shine: The Most Stylish Fitness Tracker

Sometimes, the only thing that stops us from exercising is the challenge of waking up in the morning. As we all know, the amount of sleep required by the average person is five minutes more. Funny but true, although exercising itself is beneficial and should be motivation enough, we sometimes need that extra push to be motivated.

Say hello to Misfit Shine. A jewelry-like fitness tracker that helps you track your daily activity and show you how you are progressing throughout the day. By night, it acts as your sleep manager where in the device can monitor you as you sleep. Don't worry, it's not as creepy as it sounds. What it does is it checks your sleep quality and estimates your total sleep hours versus your actual restful sleep hours.

The Misfit Shine is considered as the most futuristic and stylish fitness tracker available to date. It's so stylish that you can easily match it with your evening wear. Other than the great design, you have a wide variety of option on how you would want to wear it and the app itself asks you to be creative in how you wear your Shine. The best thing about this is that the battery lasts for around four months so it doesn't need charging. It uses a CR2032 which is easily available in any watch stores.

Another good thing about the Misfit Shine is that it is waterproof. It can be used even when swimming since it's waterproof for up to 5 meters. You can wear it as a watch, attach it on your necklace as a pendant, slide it on your coat and act as an added accessory. The Shine has a minimalist design that it matches wherever you put it.

An advantage I saw was that you don't need to be constantly connected to your device via bluetooth. Wearable techs that require to be connected via Bluetooth constantly usually drains your Smartphone battery faster. With Misfit Shine, you just need to sync it everytime you need to check on your data and it is said that it can hold weeks of data. Since it has a minimalist design, what you can only see are lighted dots on the face. I also consider this as the most jewelry-like fancy pedometer. It uses a 3-axis accelerometer to track movement. Has Bluetooth for syncing data and has activity mode to choose from to better monitor your actual activity.

Misfit Shine - Unboxing
Misfit Shine
What's inside the box - Silicone Wristband (watch mode), CR2032 battery, circular Shine "opener", magnetic clasp.
Misfit Shine - Setting Up and Syncing
First you need to put the battery in the device. As a guide, I made a step-by-step visual guide below:
Take note of 3 important things:
1) The black part at the back where it says "12" should align with the "12" marker as seen on the photo number 5 presented on the visual guide.
2) Make sure that you hear a "click" as you lock it during the last step to ensure the effectivity of the waterproof feature.
3) When using it as a watch, make sure that the "12" portion is facing up (the sky) to orient you where the 12-oclock position is.

To use it, first, you have to download the app via Appstore / Playstore (Search for Misfit). After doing so, register to get an account and you can now pair your Shine.

To pair it, simply put the device on top of your phone screen as seen above.
To sync data, you also have to do the same
After a few hours of use, I discovered that you don't really need to put the Shine on top of your device to sync and pair. It just adds to the experience seeing the circular pulse moving while syncing. If you want an easier way of syncing it because maybe you're wearing it as a pendant or a watch and you don't want to remove it just to get data, just manually tap the center of the circle where it says "tap to sync" and it will search for your Shine and sync with it via Bluetooth. If it fails, simply place the phone nearer where your Shine is.

Misfit Shine - Interface
In the settings, you can either setup the shine to show you the time first before your progress or progress first before the time. For me, I had it display the time first before my progress.

Misfit Shine displaying time. Time is 2:45
Misfit Shine showing my progress
Reading time
Reading time is easy but needs a little bit more information. To show the time/progress, double tap the front face using two fingers and it will light up. The 3,6, 9, and 12 o clock position will light up dimly and the hour will emit a bright light (as you can see above). Then, the minute hand will blink 4 times.

Reading your progress
Progress of the day can be easier to read. One dot will show up at the start of the day and a dot lights up as you progress. As you can see on the photo above, I only have 2 dots lighted up. It's a holiday. :p

After syncing your data, it will now show up on the app.
Misfit Shine - Be creative on how you wear it
Wear it as a watch

Wear it as a necklace
Or hang it wherever using the included magnetic clasp
Very stylish and versatile in terms of how you wear it
Compete scores with your friends as you can easily add them by connecting your Facebook to it via the app
Doesn't need charging
Waterproof up to 50 meters
Wireless syncing
Unobstrusive design

Lack of your data via cloud access

Lack of multi readout display
Silicone band might break after some use

This fitness tracker motivates you by telling you your progress and reaching goals and milestones while remaining to be as stylish as you can be as you can have a multitude of options on how you will wear it.

At the end of the day, you really need to get some exercise. What better way than to manually count it is to have this device with you because after wearing it, you will easily forget that you have it and just sync it at the end of the day to know how you did. (or if you are eligible for the scrumptious steak dinner for achieving your goals.)

The Shine comes in four distinct colors: topaz, black, gray and champagne. Retail price is P6,850 and is available at
Mobile 1
Power Mac Center
Rustans Dept Store

For more info, check out:

Misfit Shine is also free with Smart Infinity for a limited time

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