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Teddy's Bigger Burgers Philippines [Menu and Actual Food Photos]

I was one of the privileged few to try out Hawaii's number one burger here in the Philippines before it officially opens on August 23, 2014. If you are a fan of burgers, I can tell now that you are missing half of your life if you don't try out Teddy's Bigger Burger! Before anything else, please be informed that on the opening day on August 23, 2014, you can get a one year supply of burgers from Teddy's!

The story on how they started is not a unique one. They do their burgers on their backyard so well that they started to wonder why no other burger joints offer the same quality. So, they decided to share their talents and opened up Teddy's. Since then, Teddy's has been a household name and locals love it.

Philippine investor Raymund Magdaluyo (talking) and Teddy's Owners Ted Tsakiris and Richard Stula (Right side).
If you're talking about burgers, you can be assured that they know what they are doing. The owners themselves has been flipping burgers almost all their lives! In fact, they don't want to stop flipping! With years of experience and a very passionate heart to achieve that burger perfection, they are now one of the famous burger places in the world and number one in Hawaii! It's a privilege that the Philippines would be the second international branch that they have! The other one is in Japan.

You can have your burger in 5 oz, 7 oz or 9 oz and even double patty or more!
 Their patties are charbroiled so your burger won't be swimming in oil. They also boast that their burgers are 100% meat -- no extenders, soy or everything that other burger joints add to increase profitability.

There's a downside in trying out Teddy's. You'll now know the difference and can compare it to other burgers that has extenders or other ingredients that should not be in a good burger.

Everything that you can pair up with burgers, they have it as well -- fries, onion rings, shakes (really good ones), and wings! You can also sort of customize your burger by adding toppings from blue cheese to pastrami to peanut butter and even avocado aside from different buns to choose from.  Burgers, sides, wings and shakes. They do all of those well!

The best thing about Teddy's is the quality of their burgers. It's the foundation of their business and we heard it from the owners themselves -- they do the best in what they do and they take the quality of food they serve very seriously and they don't bite more than they can chew. Every single bite you take on each of their creation spells quality.

Imagine the splashing waves on the beach front of a Teddy's restaurant in Hawaii
Once you enter the restaurant, you get this feeling that brings you all the way back to where they originated -- Hawaii. Filled with awesome reggae music and ambient decorations that reminisces one of a Hawaiian place, they really hit the spot with both the ambiance and food.

Check out their food offerings (Actual food photos) and their menu below:
Tiki Wings
 The blue cheese dip of the Tiki Wings are to die for! The wings itself are already flavorful but with the sauce, I think I can finish a dozen of these in one seating! It's that good!

Teddy's Garlic Fries
 The fries whether garlic or cheese, even the onion rings are a must-order with your burger. It's been like that forever in most restaurant offering burgers and there's a reason why. My recommendation would be the onion rings, then the cheesy fries then the garlic fries.

Cheesy Fries
Cheese Burger (Original Burger with Cheese)
Teddy's Original Burger Combo (Burger + Fries or Onion Rings)
Hawaiian Style (Teri, Grilled Pineapple Paradise)

Kailua Burger (Teri, Grilled Mushroom, Grilled Onions and Cheese)
Monster Double (Original Burger with Double Patty)

I ordered the Monster Double with Kailua add-on that day. Here's how it looked like:
So basically it's a Teddy's original burger with double patty and with teri, grilled mushroom, grilled onions and cheese. Other than that, I added some bleu cheese! Awesome awesome! Each bite will let you feel how a 100% US ground chuck patty feels like and it really is filling. Can't describe how it actually tasted and convert it to words. It's like my taste buds are out of words and as much as it's at the tip of my tongue, I still think the actual experience in eating one of their burgers would be the best way to describe it.

With the food I had and overall experience, this is personally the BEST Burger in Manila right now. As I was saying to my friends, I never tasted burger as good as this. I challenge you to tell me which restaurant has a better burger than this and I'll gladly try them out. For now, this is the best for me and I suggest and highly recommend that you go try them out as well.

They are opening two more branches before the year ends:
Teddy's Bigger Burger (Shangrila Mall 6th level)
Teddy's Bigger Burger (Eastwood New Mall 3rd level)

Kudos to the lively crew that brought good vibes to everyone.
Packed as it may seem, service was good!
DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT forget to order their Milk Shakes -- It's really thick and GOOD!
Friendly reminder prior to going to Teddy's
'Nuff said
Less oil, more room for other stuff!
How do you like your burger sir?

Teddy's Bigger Burger
3rd Level, Greenbelt 3
Opening on August 23, 2014
(2nd International branch)


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